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using Sync now but it seems that tools bar layout and bookmark tools bar is not synced over, is it ture?


using Sync now but it seems that tools bar layout and bookmark tools bar is not synced over, is it ture?

any one can advise me?

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Please see this. Entering about:about usually shows all about: protocols as links including the three related to Sync.

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It looks like the layout (sort order etc.) is getting changed but the items are being synced. After sorting or changing the order there doesn't seem to be changes. For some of the manual changes to reflect immediately I had to close the library and open it (it seems while Sync is running the manual changes are frozen on the screen, but is actually getting changed).

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do you mean it can be synced but take some time?

May I know it will be synced automatically if I do not reset sync? how they synced automatically? using merger method? Is any way to use one PC and master and another one as slave?

dumdidadida 172 solutions 1436 answers

Yes, depending on our individual network speed, latency etc., and also on the load on the Sync servers (Check Sync service status) it could take some time for the first Sync. Subsequent syncs would be barely noticeable if merge (default) is selected, and if there aren't much differences.

You can try using the merge method between the PCs. This would reflect the changes on both sides onto each other.

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it seems that very slow, paired one PC to my account in the morning, but it is not completed until now, because add-on and bookmark is not completed. any place to see the sync is going on, or any report after sync, to let me monitor it? it seems that all in background and no place to check.

dumdidadida 172 solutions 1436 answers

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You can try to enter about:sync-progress in the location (address) bar after setting up Sync. To check for error messages please enter about:sync-log and click on a link. If there were errors corresponding to the time of sync, you could try to Sync Now via Tools (Alt + T) and check for new error logs. If there aren't errors then most likely missing bookmarks may reappear after a sort. It could be that they are presently in another location.

You could also try to start with syncing bookmarks, history etc. and gradually include the heavy items via Tools (Alt + T) > Options > Sync.


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something strange here, my main master computer is missing some add-ons today morning, yesterday night I did backup and notice that there are 30+, but today morning only 22 left, and the qty is not equal to another paired computer. Any way I will use tools above monitor it closely.

BTW, where to get some many about:XXXXX command? how do I know it if no one tell me, any documentation for it?

dumdidadida 172 solutions 1436 answers

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Please see this. Entering about:about usually shows all about: protocols as links including the three related to Sync.

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I think FF‘sync is black box, you do not what happen after you start sync, instead of error log, they should provide progress bar to show happen, and show us what happen at server side like Xmark. I think FEBE backup is more reliable。

dumdidadida 172 solutions 1436 answers

There is an online portal though it seems to be at a nascent stage as of now. I think going forward there would be many more features esp. with the arrival of Firefox OS. In the meantime we can also request missing/new features, and also, give feedback on existing issues.

You can try to check the status of various items under Status for engine ... in the error logs. If you toggle services.sync.log.appender.file.logOnSuccess to True, in about:config, then successful syncs are recorded. You can then Sync Now from the Tools menu and check if any of the PCs do not give a success status.


about:config Entries

The Config Descriptions add-on adds helpful source comments in about:config.

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Conclusion: Sync is not workable from my point of view, so I just use it as a alternative backup now. Finally I sent over FEBE backup file and and restore to my profile, everything is there, just drop to Gdrive and fast too. Case close.

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I don't know if my problem is the same as others but here it is. I connected my tablet to my sync account on my pc. The bookmarks I migrated from IE now appear on my tablet. I created a new folder in the bookmarks on the pc. That folder does not show up on my tablet. The only folders on the tablet are the Firefox folder and the "from IE" folder with the original ones after the migration.

Do I need to redo the syncing using the 12 digit code from the tablet? I clicked the "sync now" option on the pc "firefox menu" but it doesn't look like anything happened.

I assumed after syncing the two the bookmarks would automatically be duplicated. After adding a new bookmark to the tablet it would then show up on the pc and vice versa.

I used to work on pc networks and there was a replicating time set for data on the domains. Is this similar to that? Example: data (bookmarks) are copied every 15 minutes or 1 hour, etc.?

Thanks for any help. I'm really stupid on this (for now). :)