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How to create a backup of History so that even when the History is cleared the backup copy is available?


My children are using some websites which they are not supposed to watch and when they leave the browser they are clearing all the History and I am unable to know which sites they have visited. Is there any way Not to delete or clear the History when the Browser is Closed? Or is there any way so that I can set up a log file some where in the system which logs all the History and I can access this log file later and monitor the sites and also I shall be able delete this log file whenever I like?

In fact the History should be turned on and children should not have access to clear the History.

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It can be done.

The problem is many kids will bypass almost anything you try. They presumably have internet access on phones, friends computers and internet cafes. Even if you block access to the UI for History there is a very simple method of clearing it still.

If you solve the first problem how do you stop them installing a separate browser, or another copy of Firefox, or even running a new OS off a memory stick.

There are methods of locking down most things, but you will need to look at the whole computer not just Firefox.

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You can only do that reliably if you have security software with a password protected logging feature that keeps a record of all visited websites. Your router, if you use one, may also have such a feature.