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want to transfer data to another cpu


got a new computer, want to transfer data from this computer to the new one i proceeded to sync up - created an account (on this computer not the new one) the new computer is asking for the code number from this computer but i am not able to find that - it wants the code number from the new computer - why can't i go back to the beginning - why do i have to write this in a question instead of getting to a person? at 2 in the morning - where am i going to get an answer?

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Helpful Reply

Hello - sorry to hear that Firefox Sync is being awkward. It sound like you're at the stage of entering the 12-character 'setup code'. If you have an already set-up Sync account on your old PC, what's suppose to happen is that you:

  • Do 'Set up sync' on your new PC
  • The new PC gives you a 12-character code to enter on your old PC
  • On the old PC, you open the Options window (usually from the Firefox menu), go to the Sync section and click the Pair a Device link.
  • You should see the window to enter the code from your new PC.

You can find more detail, with screen-shots, at [http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/a.../add-a-device-to-firefox-sync].

Hope that helps!

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john127 0 solutions 1 answers

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