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how to install Silverlight 64


my netflix isn't working because it says my silverlight is outdated. how do i update silverlight when the silverlight updater says "Your operating system does not support the 64-bit version of Silverlight." I am using Windows XP64. It seems I had this problem a few months ago but silverlight seemed to have fixed its self.

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Hmmm, Firefox is a 32-bit application, so you would need a 32-bit version of Silverlight in order to play Silverlight content in Firefox.

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Hmmm, Firefox is a 32-bit application, so you would need a 32-bit version of Silverlight in order to play Silverlight content in Firefox.

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thanks jscher2000. that worked.

for some reason Firefox was not letting me see a link to the 32 bit version of Silverlight. I has to use IE to get to the 32 bit Silverlight download. The Silverlight install message "Your operating system does not support the 64-bit version of Silverlight". The message should probably say "Your web browser does not support the 64-bit version of Silverlight" not "Your operating system does not support the 64-bit version of Silverlight."

What do ya think Microsoft?

Thanks for the heads up jscher2000

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I have been using the x64 Silverlight with Firefox until yesterday (august 27/2012) all of a sudden I'm prompted to uninstall and reinstall. The thing is that I get the message telling me it is the wrong version for my os which is win7 ultimate x64. Shat changed causing me to lose the use of Netflix? It doesn't give me the option to dl the x32 bit, do I need to roll back to a previous version of Firefox?

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The download link for 32-bit Silverlight runtime is:


This is from http://www.silverlight.net/downloads -- use find in page to jump to end-user runtime or scroll down to about the middle of the page.

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Fast response, thanks. I'll give it a try, but this version of firefox seems to lag a bit. Downloads take forever and even logging into gmail takes several times longer. If this doesn't work I'll just uninstall firefox, if it does I will let you know, thanks.

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Hi Bowcat, try disabling hardware graphics acceleration. You usually need to restart Firefox in order for this to take effect, so save all work first (e.g., mail you are composing, online documents you're editing, etc.).

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Options > Advanced

On the "General" mini-tab, uncheck the box for "Use hardware acceleration when available"

After restarting Firefox, if this was a problem, you should notice modestly improved performance and reduced memory use.

Bowcat 0 solutions 5 answers

Just tried the 32 bit Silverlight and I get the same mssg, The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running... So it seems that I can't use x32 or x64 Silverlight and I can't watch Netflix with Firefox anymore. How can I roll back to the last version of Firefox? That seems to be the only way to get the service I'm paying for back.

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Hi Bowcat, I don't understand how both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Silverlight can be the wrong version. This is an error from the Windows installer or from Netflix?

Which version of Firefox did you want? Understanding that there are publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities in earlier versions, you assume the risk, etc., you can go to the archives here:


You also can get Silverlight 4 here and see whether that works: http://www.silverlight.net/downloads (Look for Silverlight 4 Runtime in the middle column after the first section of the page)

Bowcat 0 solutions 5 answers

The error message I assume is from the Windows installer, but I tried it with IE as well and get the same message. I have successfully reinstalled silverlight but it just gives the same error code 2103 message. I have had no problem until the 27th using the x64 Silverlight then the error message starts. They don't call them microsuck for nothing. If it weren't for the recording software I have invested in I would be using Linux by now. I will try the Silver light 4 and see if it helps and will let you know if it doesn't. If I don't you know that my computer is far below my balcony and I just can't respond. Thanks for the fast response, I do appreciate it.

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I became suspicious when I couldn't even open the Fixit application! So I rebooted and tried netflix first out of curiosity and it worked right away, x64 silverlight with Firefox no problem. I really should have tried this first but all those concussions are slowing me down is seems. thank you very much jscher2000 and cor-el for your help, if only Microsoft and a few others could be as helpful as you are computing would be a breeze. Now back to Tracy Ullman's State of the Union to cheer me up.Sincerely, your crusty bruck up old bowcat.