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(Weird Build) funnel cake + mozilla11 on all builds.


I just noticed when opening up the "about firefox" window that it includes funnel cake july 2012 and mozilla11 - 1.0

I was wondering what these additional release notes are?

Many Thanks


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Firefox>About Firefox>Version Number followed by the additional items so for example Funnelcake Jul 2012 and mozilla11 - 1.0

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I also noticed in the about:config funnelcake is set under a distribution.

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Reinstall firefox

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Tried the reinstall but its still there. :(

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Also tried the direct release from Mozilla, Seems to also include funnelcake. (Has this been added to newer builds?) Ive also deleted my old profile for the browser. Ive also been looking into what could be the cause. I belive it to be the survay system which provides stats and crash data to mozilla. When opting out of this it seems funnelcake remains part of the code. (Could this be a bug?)

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Funnelcake releases have been around since 2007, nothing new.

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Hi, was about to post that!, Just out of interest why is funnelcake + mozilla11 included in the lastest builds? Just wondering why its needed and if it can be opted out. When you click opt out it seems to still include these metrics.

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When looking into the "Mozilla11" It seems to be a rapid release patch, see [https://wiki.mozilla.org/BMO/new-version]

In addition im still trying to figure out if funnelcake can be opted out. It seems mozilla11 is a core for the rapid release system.

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Recently, we conducted a series of tests to see if it was easier to download the Firefox installer from a CDN or from one of the members of our mirror network. In order to do the comparison, we set the channel name of the installer offered by the mirrors to release-cck-mozilla11 and the installer offered by the CDNs to release-cck-mozilla12. There is no difference in the code or operation between the two installers or applications, and there is no new data being sent in.

The second phase of the test was testing the upgrade to Firefox 14.0.1, and it uses the channel names release-cck-mozilla13 and release-cck-mozilla14.

The only thing that the "funnelcake" does is allow us to measure how many of the downloaded installers hit the first run page and subsequently check for updates. There is no personalization or user data involved.