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I'm trying to create a Ubuntu Firefox Kiosk but I cannot disable the resource:///, about:config back doors. Can I make it so a clever user cannot access this?


I'm attempting to make a Ubuntu 10.10 Firefox Kiosk for public use and I have everything set except for the built in back doors that Firefox has. I was able to block "file:///" and "chrome:" with a proxy filter but "about:config" and "resource:///" still gain access.

Most of the people that will use this Kiosk won't have a clue how to access these but I need to prevent a few clever people from messing with settings. Is there a way to disable or block these "back doors"?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Es44pop,

I don't have any personal experience of trying this but I have found a few likely looking options for you. I hope one of them will help:






Let me know if none of this works and I'll try to point another volunteer, who may have more experience, to this thread.


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You would probably need to run Firefox in a virtual machine to disable browsing to real folders on your computer. You can't do that with locking prefs (you can't disable protocols).