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Unable to un-install http://start.funmoods.com/ Browser


I cannot get rid of how http://start.funmoods.com/

I have listed it on every possible Black list, and site block function in AVAST, and still this thing will not go away.

Please, please tell me how to get rid of this goddamn evil menace.

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I have unloaded every piece of software that this thing rode in on. But it will not go away. I have turned off all AD-ONs, or removed them......ITS STILL HERE,,, MAKE IT GO AWAY...I CAN't TAKE IT ANYMORE.....

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The web site says go to control panel to uninstall the program. The program is un-installed per the websites instructions, and the browser is still on my computer. IT WON"T GO AWAY.

I looked under installed Ad-ons and there is nothing there.

Any ideas?


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Hi All,

The www.start.funmoods.com browser reside as a tool button, so just right click the little home icon to the very right of the address line, select "customize"

a pop-up appears with a selection of tool buttons you can add to the browser. Since, funmoods is already a tool button(or in this case a bookmark button) just go up to the star, depress you mouse button, and drag the star off the browser line.

Close the window, and www.funmoods.com or www.start.funmoods.com will be gone.


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The best way is to reset Firefox. First uninstall the funmoods from your computer than reset Firefox. Here is how you do it. Click on Firefox button on the top left corner, hold the mouse on "Help" button, click on "Troubleshooting Information" and click on "Reset Firefox" on the right corner. It will save your bookmarked websites on the toolbar, but it WILL DELETE the freaking funmoods forever.