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How do I remove the ZoneAlarm toolbar? (It's currently disabled, but there's no "Remove" option.)


I'm running FF9 beta in Windows XP -- the ZoneAlarm security toolbar (which I never wanted but was somehow installed anyway) shows up in the extension list as disabled due to incompatibility with Firefox version 9. I'd prefer to just remove the toolbar/addon entirely, but there's no "Remove" option. How do I get rid of it?


Chosen solution

I reinstalled Firefox 8, deleted the toolbar, and then reinstalled Firefox 9. I like to keep things neat, even if it takes a while.

Zone Alarm will probably eventually make it compatible, so if you are patient, you can probably wait and remove it then.

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Thanks. I'm not sure why that article on uninstalling toolbars didn't come up when I searched the help forum.

I can't use the article's first suggestion (uninstall from the toolbar itself), since it's disabled due to incompatibility with Firefox 9, but the second suggestion -- that this particular toolbar can be removed with the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" control-panel tool looks like it should work. I'll try it tonight.

Swarnava Sengupta 482 solutions 3134 answers

Let us know how it goes

Slickone 0 solutions 8 answers

rsteer, where you able to remove it?

The toolbar doesn't show up in my Add/Remove Programs. But it is listed in Firefox's extensions (and greyed out), just like yours.

MasterJack 1 solutions 1 answers

Chosen Solution

I reinstalled Firefox 8, deleted the toolbar, and then reinstalled Firefox 9. I like to keep things neat, even if it takes a while.

Zone Alarm will probably eventually make it compatible, so if you are patient, you can probably wait and remove it then.

Question owner

@Swarnava -- It doesn't show up in the Add/Remove Programs list, so that approach doesn't work either.

MasterJack's solution looks like the best one at this time, although it's a nuisance and I'll have to be careful to get back into the Beta channel after backtracking to the older version.

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Slickone 0 solutions 8 answers

Could you change a version number somewhere so the toolbar isn't greyed out, then remove it? I can't even find where the toolbar is stored.

Question owner

Interesting thought. I'll try to remember to try it at home (which is where I have this problem). You can get the "User Agent Switcher" FF add-on, which allows FF to impersonate other browsers, including (I think) earlier versions of itself. If the earlier-version aspect is true, then using that MIGHT fool other add-ons like the Zone-Alarm toolbar. It probably wouldn't be stable, but it might work long enough to uninstall.

Question owner

User Agent Switcher only comes with a few "demo" agents (one or two versions of IE, and impersonating some search engine spiders), but after installing it, go to http://techpatterns.com/forums/about304.html and download the current list of user-agents there. Then go to the User Agent Switcher add-in and click on Options and then the "Import..." button, and point to the XML file you just downloaded -- that will allow FF to say it's almost any web agent available. It doesn't have FF8, but it has FF7, which should work as well.

SafeBrowser 550 solutions 2392 answers

ZoneAlarm version is compatible with Firefox 9 (and is not compatible with any other Firefox version) --- very strange that they have made the last few ZoneAlarm versions each compatible with only one version of Firefox.

The toolbar unfortunately installs even when un-checked during the install of ZoneAlarm. There are several postings on their forum about that issue. There is also a plugin related to ZoneAlarm that installs, npFFApi. Search the Zone Alarm forum or ask questions about all of this on their forum.

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ddenby 0 solutions 9 answers

I also have this problem... and none of the above answers have been helpful. The ZoneAlarm Toolbar is disabled (due to incompatibility with FF 9 and 10) but there is no way to remove it. It does not show up in the Programs Add/Remove in the Control Panel. There must be some way to remove this add on using one or more of the FireFox Application Data files or via the Registry, but I have not been able to find the correct reference.

Most of these suggestions seem to be relevant to earlier versions of FireFox I would like to know how to remove the add-on reference from FF 9 or 10.