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How do I change Default search engine in the address bar, not the search window on the top right or by using about:config, doesn't work. Worked fine until this FF 8.0 update, now defaults to Yahoo 7. About to throw it in and use Chrome.


When Firefox 8.0 installed it has automatically changed my address bar default search engine to Yahoo7 which is crap. I can not change this back. So when I start FF it opens to my google home page, when I type a subject and search the results are displayed in a Yahoo 7 results page, not google. I am not talking about my default home page or the search bar to the top right. This is still google. The settings in about:config do nothing. This was fine until FF 8.0.

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Sounds a bit like you said you tried but check

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Thanks dmcritchie, Nice effort but that answers a different question about fixing the add-on Yahoo toolbar.

Pernich and I want to know; If you type search criteria directly into the address bar and hit enter, how to change that search engine from Yahoo to Google.

Otherwise I too will go back to using Google Chrome, even though I really like FF8.0

please help

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See this - http://kb.mozillazine.org/Keyword.URL

Installation of the Yahoo toolbar or other nefarious garbage related to Yahoo has been known to change the keyword.URL . Unless you get rid of what changed that preference to begin with, it may get changed back to Yahoo every time you restart Firefox or re-boot your PC.