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how to prevent someone from disabling or remove a good and useful add-ons?


hi, i have several PC's, all of them use firefox as default browser. there are good add-ons that we use, like anti porn or web filter, and i don't want someone to easily remove or disable them just with a single click, then install them again, and do it over again. i feel like it's a useless effort to put good add-on but someone can easily remove them.

is there any way to prevent someone from remove / disable add-on? i can only think a password protection feature on clicking a 'disable' or 'remove' button. i really wish this feature will available soon. thank you.

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You can hide a specific extension on the Tools > Add-ons > Extensions page with code in userContent.css (richlistitem[value="<extensions_id>"]), but you would still see it on the Help > Troubleshooting information page.

This for instance hides the DOM Inspector:

@-moz-document url(about:addons) { richlistitem[value="inspector@mozilla.org"]
 { display: none !important; }