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How can I synchronize "bookmarks toolbar" and "bookmarks menu" ? They have different bookmarks now.

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I just noticed that the firefox sidebar has an entry for "bookmarks toolbar" as well as "bookmarks menu".

somehow, there are differences between the bookmarks in the various subfolders though they are probably 90% identical. There are far too many to go through by sight (I have over a 1000 bookmarks).

1. Is there an easy way to synchronize the two locations ? 2. Or, if not a direct way, are there two separate folders for these two bookmarks locations in Windows so that I can synchronize the two folders with a folder synchronization application ?

I want to get all of my bookmars under "bookmarks menu" then empty out the bookmarks toolbar entirely. The resulting bookmarks will be uploaded to override the xmarks folder on their server.

I hope you can help.

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The bookmark menu drop down typically lags behind and you will see the correct bookmark updating after restarting Firefox. You can find the updated information immediately in the Bookmarks sidebar ("Ctrl+B") or in the Bookmarks History Library List ("Ctrl+Shift+H"), and in the Bookmarks toolbar in the toolbars.

I've not used Synchronize, but it wouldn't be of much use to anybody if it couldn't synchronize all of your bookmarks between devices, so I'd suggest you watch your bookmarks sidebar as it is much more sensitive to immediate changes.

Please mark "Solved" one answer that will best help others with a similar problem -- hope this was it.

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Thanks for trying to help. Your suggestion does not address the problem. I am not referring to a dropdown menu (you must be referring to the Bookmarks menu in the toolbar which is the same as the "bookmarks menu"). The bookmarks menu is completely discrete from the bookmarks toolbar. My issue is the bookmarks toolbar and bookmarks menu have different bookmarks and I want them to be the same.

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A possible cause is a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

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I had this problem after trying out Google Chrome and because of using XMarks to synch my bookmarks. The bookmarks that show up in the Bookmarks menu of Chrome are those that are in the Bookmarks Toolbar of Firefox. Somewhere in the process of going back and forth, I wound up with my bookmarks in Firefox duplicated in the menu and toolbar area. Having given Chrome a good try and now deciding to switch back to Firefox as my primary browser, I was just now in the process of looking for some way to have Firefox treat the menu and toolbar as one, in order to avoid this problem whenever I occasionally do want to use Chrome, or even Safari. No solution yet, but perhaps at least this explains the cause if you are also synching your bookmarks outside the browser.

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I did not mistake the Bookmarks menu on the toolbar. If you check the bookmarks menu on the toolbar (the equivalent button) and it is behind, look in the bookmarks sidebar and you will see the updated bookmarks. I doubt that destroying places.sqlite will fix the problem --but it will lose your history which would be far worse.

Look in the Bookmarks sidebar ("Ctrl+B"), you should see three main folders

  1. Bookmarks Toolbar
  2. Bookmarks Menu
  3. Unsorted Bookmarks

If you import bookmarks, all of the bookmarks you import will be added to the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu, which you may very well see as duplicates, if what you imported them from something similar to what you already had. That is what "newsplexer" appears to be seeing.

Previously in Firefox 2 Bookmarks Toolbar was "Personal Bookmarks" and was a folder in the "Bookmarks" folder, importing then placed imported material at the bottom of the Bookmarks folder, what happens now is imported material is added to the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu. If you have a "Bookmarks" folder and a "Bookmarks Toolbar" as a subfolder at the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu it is not the same, as the actual "Bookmarks Toolbar". The actual Bookmarks Toolbar is also shown as a flyout menu at the top of the Bookmarks menu (I don't know if it suffers from the same lag as the Bookmarks menu, fixed by restarting Firefox).

I find the Bookmarks menu to be almost useless and very slow, and inaccurate after making extensive changes, and instead use the Bookmarks sidebar to examine bookmarks and bookmark structure, and the Bookmarks Library List to examine detail. And even adding scrollbars to the Bookmarks menu does not make it very useable to me.

Firefox 6 attempted to put the Unsorted Bookmarks back into the Bookmarks menu at the bottom not as a flyout as was done for the Bookmarks Toolbar, but as a link to the Bookmarks Library List with "Unsorted Bookmarks" selected.

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No fix, then ?

trying out Chrome and using xmarks with it caused the problem.

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