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How do a prevent web pages from auto reload with no warning?


Pages like www.drudgereoprt.com have code to auto refresh/reloads the page. This is annoying when your reading scrolled half way down the page and it reloads to the top and you loose your place on the page.

I have the warn on redirect set to true in the about:config but this does not prevent the the reload. Also I don't want to have a popup at the top of the page showing the warn on redirect warning because it just takes up another mouse drag and click to close that stolen real-estate. I want max window size and this popup just shrinks it down. Maybe there is an ad-on I havent found for this.

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  • Firefox/Tools > Options > Advanced > General : Accessibility : [ ] "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page"

The setting in "Tools > Options > Advanced > General" is meant as an accessibility feature, as you can see by the label of that section, so that people with disabilities or people who use screen readers do not get confused and is not meant as a safety protection to stop redirecting.

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Question owner

thanks, this does not answer my question. anybody else?

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You can block websites from automatically reloading the page, this setting is grouped with the redirect setting also under accesibility features & by default is usually selected.

Firefox (Tools) > Options > Advanced > General : Accessibility : [ ] "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page"

If this option is not selected, then select it & when pages attempt to reload you will see a box appear on top right of toolbar just under search box saying allow or similar. If you want the page to reload auto then youll need to select allow, or turn it off. There is no way of getting around this as its all or nothing, but at-least its better than a popup.

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Like my original post and the next answer this option does not do it.

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Sorry, my above post seemed to have ended up in the wrong thread as it obviously didn't have anything to do with your problem (well it might have been, but this is a known issue on the site).

The Drudge report site uses a JavaScript timer to reload the page.

There is a Greasemonkey script here to block the refresh

You can also use a bookmarklet like this to disable the reload (needs to be used if you reload the Drudge website)


Question owner

thanks, Greasemonkey works great.