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How do I uninstall mywebsearch that highjacked my web home page since nothing so far noted has worked?


MyWebSearch by Mindspark hi-jacked my home web page that I had originally with igoogle. I have tried uninstalling, per the directions I found on this site and Mindspark. Nothing works. I have Windows XP. There is no way to contact Mindspark without indicating products that have nothing to do with the problem; I do not want to accidentally install any of their products. Please help me to uninstall it and restore my original homepage. Thank you! P.S. I can return to my original igoogle home page via a circuitous route. But I can no longer be directed right to it when I open it up in my ?browser?

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MindsparkCS 1 solutions 8 answers

This is Jason from Mindspark Interactive Network,

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty removing our software and would be happy to assist you.

First, we would like to ensure that our toolbar has been completely removed from your computer. Below you will find instructions for uninstalling our Coupon Alert toolbar:

1) From your computer's 'Start' button, select 'Settings', then 'Control Panel'

2) Double-click on 'Add/Remove Programs'

3) Select "Coupon Alert"

4) Click 'Remove'.

5) You must reboot your computer to completely remove the toolbar.

Secondly, to assist you in resetting your homepage, please follow the instructions below:

1) Navigate to the page you want to set as your home page (igoogle.com).

2) At the top of the Firefox window on the menu bar, click on the 'Tools', and select 'Options.'

3) If it isn't already selected, click the 'Main' icon (some versions: 'General'). The 'Main' options panel is displayed.

4) Click on 'Use Current Page.' (If you have a group of tabs open, the entire group of tabs will be set as your home page).

5) Click OK to close the 'Options' window

If you are still experiencing difficulty restoring your browser’s homepage back to its previous setting, we would be happy to assist you further one on one. Simply email us at customersupport@help.mindspark.com and include the URL to this forum post in your email.

Sincerely, Jason Mindspark Support

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Cowgirl_in_the_Sand 0 solutions 5 answers

Jason "forgot" to say that over 700 threats - 21 of them very persistant - were added when the toolbar was installed and that an anti-spyware program should be run and it WILL REMOVE the program/toolbar as well as most of the threats.

I ran the free program 'SuperAntiSpyware' http://www.superantispyware.com/index.html & it discovered the new threats (I had just ran it prior to downloading Free Cursors "no adware or spyware" did say the toolbar would be installed to access the site but no adware or spyware...BullS**T! I had SAS remove the threats, rebooted as instructed and the toolbar was gone! Rerunning SAS it has found 21 more threats...so may have to run it again and reboot. Very nasty persistent threats have been left by MyWebSearch bar and it programs. Threats found in registry!

FF appearance - persona was changed to default and had to go to Tools, Add-Ons and Appearance and the personas I have used were there.

Flo (persona creator known as Cowgirl in the Sand) Cowgirl in the Sand's persona gallery

Cowgirl_in_the_Sand 0 solutions 5 answers

Helpful Reply

Follow up: I had to run SuperAntiSpyware a 3rd time to get rid of 2 persistent threats from MyWebSearch/FunWeb*.*. So run SAS until threats are removed completely!

Too bad I was using the free version of SAS and not the 9.95 pro version that runs in the background all the time. It may have prevented MyWebSearch bar and the malware not to be downloaded. I wish there were laws preventing these adware/spyware programs. Flo