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Firefox will not close


Two issues. When I close the browser it doesn'y not end the firefox process. In order to re-open the browser I have to go to task manager, stop process and then reclick the firefox icon. Second issue, I have been watching videos on nbcsports.com with no issue until a couple days ago. Now when I click to open the video, which uses silverlight and should open in another window, nothing happens. Also I am unable to click on e-mails to open them. Checked these sites on other computers with firefox and it worked fine, so it is a setting on my computer or firefox that has somehow been changed.

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

I am not sure what triggered this

Installed Plug-ins

Java, Silverlight, Not sure about what else


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More Information

I have uninstalled and reinstalled firefox and silverlight. I have also check issues on other computers running firefox and not had the same issue. In addition I tried this on other browsers on my computer and did not have the same issue, it is only firefox.

David McRitchie 321 solutions 3089 answers

To properly close Firefox use he File > Exit, it may not always work but it won't fail anything like just closing the window the that X in the upper right corner.

Went to your link and the two movies I brought up were running with Adobe Flash which I could see by right-clicking within the movie.

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I have the Tour de France all access package through that website, which is a paid service and according to their support personnel is running silverlight. When I scroll over the link a message appears where the loading bar should be that says: javascript:; The link also highlights but when I click on it nothing happens. I went through their tech page and updated all the programs and plugins they recommended, and like I said I had been watching with no issue until just recently, last Tuesday I think.