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Comcast took over my firefox browser and home page, how do I get comcast out of my firefox


I moved to a new area and comcast installed the service here. The installation and set up of the modem asked me to install a toolbar and I opted out because I see no use in comcast services. Comcast installed some thing like malware that took over safari chrome and firefox where all of the home pages were converted to their site. Safari required being reset and chrome I removed and reinstalled. Firefox has been completely taken over, I have uninstalled it 3 times and tried safe mode and just about everything else. I spent 2 hours on the phone with comcast to no avail and my feeling on it is that firefox is the most popular browser and comcast wants part of that so they have developed their own little malware to get in on firefox. What can I do as customer or user of firefox to get rid of comcast and their browser and home page and get back to what I am comfortable with which is firefox and my npr home page.

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This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

Exactly after comcast service was installed on thursday of last week

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Have you tried resetting your Homepage?


flashUser 0 solutions 1 answers

I have the exact frustration with Comcast. I'm using iMac and Safari seems doing ok but even reinstall Firefox, the stupid Comcast homepage is coming up. Comcast people blame it on Firefox. Have you resolve your issue? I'm thinking cancel the subscription. It is really annoying.

mrgreen 0 solutions 1 answers

this advice is deemed as not being helpful - it recommends deleting all user data - forum moderator

go to the help tab on the top of the firefox bar, open troubleshooting information, look in application basics, open profile directory, take the file and put it in the waste basket, delete the file. The file stores all of your pass words and settings and such stuff. After you will be able to start over but it will make some things a bit of a challenge because everything in firefox will be lost.

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Sorry, if resetting your homepage in Firefox doesn't work or that change is only temporary until the next time you use your PC or restart it, you need to uninstall that Comcast Toolbar from your PC. I don't know how or where that Comcast Toolbar for Firefox is installed, so you'll need to figure that out yourself.

The first place to look is the Windows Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, and it is there Remove it.

Second place is in the Firefox Add-ons Manager tab - { Ctrl + Shft + A } - if you find it there, Uninstall it from Firefox.

If you are able to get rid of that Comcast Toolbar and still have problems with not being able to set your choice for a homepage, let us know. There are a couple of places that may have been messed with by that application, like a user.js file or the prefs.js file.

I'm a Comcast user, too, although I have had this cable service for over 10 years now, with the two previous owners of the franchise for this area before Comcast bought out AT&T Cable. All three companies recommended that I have their "software" installed and I refused it each time. I told them if it was "required", they could close my account, that I would go elsewhere.

Ryan Parman 0 solutions 1 answers

This issue is specific to the Comcast/Xfinity installer. Changing your homepage back using the Preferences doesn't work because they're putting a custom user.js file inside your profile directory. Here's the fix: http://j.mp/comcast-xfinity-homepage

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Thank you for providing that information and the hyperlink. Should work the same for Windows users.

Locate and open your Profile folder and delete the user.js file.

BIGDOG71 0 solutions 1 answers

Xfinity/Comcast took over my Firefox home page and Google took over my search bar... Called Comcast and they go Duh! It is rather new... Firefox needs to have a "make FF my home page" that will override the asses at comcast.

grayvixen 0 solutions 1 answers

hi i have tried all of the suggestions. we dropped comcast a few months ago due to ongoing issues they couldn't [wouldn't] resolve. a couple of weeks later both computers using ie - a pc and a laptop both runnning xp - were attacked by the activate xfinity page. that was resolved easily by changing the homepage at start up default. today my firefox - pc using xp - was highjacked completely. i have tried all the suggestions listed here. i had no comcast files on computer until i ran hidden folder search and found 2 mail folders which i deleted. xfinity is the only page i can access - no favorites will come up; all sites redirect back to the stupid activation page. needless to say i want this gone! thanks for any new ideas.