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Firefox 5 will not start with Zone Alarm Ver


Firefox updated yesterday and now it will no longer start, it looks like the probem may be with Zone Alarm Forcefield. Does anyone have any ideas how to get Firefox 5 to tun under Zone Alarm Extreme Security? Thanks

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I'm running Win7 x64 with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

I had the same problem with Firefox 4. After turning off ForceField Toolbar, it started working fine.

Then I updated to Firefox 5 and it wouldn't start, instead it was showing an error message from ZA...

I searched mozilla support and followed the instructions here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser_will_not_start_up on the topic"Firefox does not start after updating with ZoneAlarm ForceField enabled".

The correct instructions for this ZA version should be: "Internet -> Web Security -> Settings, and click Clear Virtual Data"

After that I could open Firefox again! Then I realized it was still version 4... I installed the update, and everything went smooth. Checked again if Forcefield toolbar was inactive (it was) and opened a few pages, closed Firefox and opened again. After a while it wouldn't open...

AGAIN the "Clear Virtual Data" did the trick...

This time I clicked on Settings (next to "Clear Virtual Data") -> Advanced Settings, and turned off "Enable Virtualization".

Until ZA get a fix for this, either we turn it off or clear virtual data every few moves...

Working fine.

Best regards