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"Open a New Tab" button is missing next to the open tabs. How to restore?


I upgraded to Firefox 4 and the little "Open a New Tab" button that used to be next to the currently open tabs disappeared. I can add it to the button area to the left of the awesome bar, but that's not intuitive and a pain to use.

How can I restore the "Open a New Tab" button to its old position of right next to the currently open tabs?

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You can see if you can find the New Tab button in the toolbar palette.

  • Open the Customize window via "View > Toolbars > Customize" or via "Firefox > Options > Toolbar Layout"
  • If a missing item is in the toolbar palette then drag it back from the Customize window onto the toolbar.
  • If you do not see that item then click the "Restore Default Set" button to restore the default toolbar set up.

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If the above steps didn't help then see:

Question owner

Thanks for the help. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I can (and have) added the "Open a New Tab" button onto the toolbar. But I don't want it there. I want it next to the open current tabs. It used to be there with the older version of Firefox. It was like a little tab next to the current open tabs with a little "plus" sign on it so that if you clicked it, it because a full fledged open blank tab page.

The only ways I can open a tab is to click on the Open a New Tab button that is on my toolbar, or by using the Ctrl+T shortcut. But I like the intuitive approach of having the button right next to the open tabs. Did it disappear from Firefox 4? Should it still be there?

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I have the same problem as jcmilton: I have found the new "open-new-tab" icon in the very topmost toolbar (next to homepage, reload and stop-loading), but what I really want is to have it located as it used to be, next to the end of my row of tabs, looking like a miniature tab with the "+" sign on it.

Is there any way of having this feature back?

Many thanks!

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If you've moved the New Tab button to another toolbar then you need to drag that button back on the Tab bar if you want to see it there or click the Restore Default Set button in the Customize window.