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How do I save my bookmarks prior to uninstalling and resinstalling Firefox?


Is there a way to save the Bookmarks before I uninstall and reinstall Firefox? I am trying to clear out the Add-Ons box and uninstalling Firefox and NOT saving my settings seems likely to be the only way.

But it says I will lose my Bookmarks if I do this. So how do I save them first and how can I put them back in later?

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I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox and saving my settings. This didn't work for clearing out the Add-Ons box but I didn't lose my Bookmarks, at least. Now I need to try it the other way-by not saving my settings. So I must save my Bookmarks first. How?

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It is easy to backup the bookmarks and I would recommend doing it on a regular basis anyway. There are also utilities that will help you do that see

  • Backing up and restoring bookmarks
  • See Lost Bookmarks and as a cautionary tale with a happy ending the thread - thread mentions backup utilities

Note the not saving settings will delete all the profile type data from ALL versions of Firefox installed on that computer. I am not trying to dissuade you from doing a clean re-install, only advising caution, especially if there are passwords etc stored by firefox, or if you have more than one version installed

Have you seen Cannot uninstall an add-on and is any specific add-on causing problems, or being problematic when you attempt to remove it?

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Well, I saw it (the bookmark folder) and where it had apparently saved several days worth of bookmark backups with a .JSON extension but I did not actually click on it to see what it contained.

It looks like copies of bookmark backups are perhaps being saved? I guess that's what is happening, right?

Then I got to doing something else and when tried to find my way back to that bookmark backup folder, I couldn't remember how I got to it in the first place!

Now I can't find it. Can you tell me where it resides on my computer and how to get to it? Thanks.