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how do I save my bookmarks to a desktop folder for transferring to a new computer?


I have tried to export my Favoutires from my IE browser but all the I get is a Mozilla shortcut to Windows Media Player, nothing else transfers, so how do I export mozilla bookkmarks to a desktop folder that I can add to a Cd or memory stick to download to a new computer i will be getting soon?

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See here: Import Internet Explorer Favorites from another computer

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Hi Grylida, I did as you said but still ended up witha Mozilla shortcut to Windows Media Player in the selected folder and nothing else. I am trying to have my Favourites all set to install on my new computer in a couple of weeks, hopefully this problem can be sorted before I take delivery.

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Hi, I have just had another try, this time it worked, I spotted where I went wrong on my first attempt. Thank you for your help. Aviemore.

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Helpful Reply

BACKING UP MOZILLA BOOKMARKS TO CD TO PUT ON A NEW COMPUTER June 6th, 2011 >> This is for Firefox 4 and Windows 7 programs <<<

Copy this solution into your word processing program (like MS Word) and print it for future reference.


START WORKING WITH MOZILLA >>> This is for saving your Bookmarks to your desktop <<<

Click > Mozilla Firefox on your desktop >>> [Your monitor screen is called your "Desktop"] <<<

Click > "Bookmarks" > "Show All Bookmarks" >>> The Firefox "Library" window will pop up <<<

Click > "Import & Back-up" > "Back -up" A Window's 7 window will pop up with your "Bookmark" file in "File Name" box. File Name: Bookmarks [current date] .[ Your file type will be "JSON"].

Click > "Save" >>> [do not change the file name] >>>This Puts The Bookmark File On The Desktop So You Can Access It In Windows 7 <<<

Close down all your Mozilla windows.


>>> Open The Door On The Computer So The CD Drive Can Open By Itself <<<

Click > "START" button (bottom left button) Click > "Computer" Click > "Desktop" [click on the ICON] Search for > "Bookmarks [current date] " >>>It's now on the "Window 7 - Desktop" list [from saving it in Mozilla] <<< Click on this file so that it is highlighted.

Click > "Burn" [from the top menu] >>> the CD drive will open automatically/ or manually open it <<< Insert a disc in your CD disk drive and close the CD drive >>> You can use a new blank disk or one that has previous dated, saved, bookmark files on it <<<

Wait > For your Windows 7 window to pop up….. >>> "Files Ready to Be written to the Disc" <<<

Click > to highlight "Bookmarks [current date]. json Click > "Burn to disc" [from the top menu] >>> The "Burn to Disc window pops up <<<

Click > "Next" >>> A "Please Wait" window will pop up <<< [Your bookmark file is being copied onto the CD disc]

When burning is done it will say… "You have successfully burned your files to the disc"

Click > "Finish" or "Burn these files to another disc" [if you want a 2nd copy] [Usually the drive will open automatically]

> >> Remove your CD from the CD drive. <<<


Put your CD in the CD drive of your new computer [or back on your own if you need to fix a bookmark problem ]

WAIT !! > For a Pop-up window to appear

  >>>>   CLOSE THIS WINDOW <<<<<

Click > Mozilla Firefox on your Desktop.

Click > "Bookmarks" > "Show All Bookmarks" > "Import / Backup" > "Restore" > "Choose File"

>>>  A "Windows 7"  window will pop up. <<<

Click > On your CD drive's >ICON< [ Important: Click the >ICON< not the arrow ] >>> all the files on the CD will come up <<<

Click > The file name of the dated Backup file you want to appear on your bookmarks

Click > "Open" A Window will pop up Saying … >>> "This will replace old bookmarks" <<<

Click > OK

Check by……. Clicking on > "Bookmarks" >>> And look to make sure the up-dated bookmark list shows up <<<

RESTORING THE OLD ORIGINAL BOOKMARKS ON THE NEW COMPUTER [If you change your mind and want your old bookmarks back]

Open Mozilla:

CLICK > "Bookmarks" >"Show all Bookmarks" > "Import/Backup" > "Restore" Click on the current day's file from the list

>>> A Window will open saying..... "This Will Replace Old Bookmarks" <<<

Click > OK >>> the original list of bookmarks will come back up <<<

[How to keep previous backed-up Bookmark-file-Icon's from crowding your Desktop]


Find > "Bookmark [current date]" file on the DESK TOP. Right Click > On the Bookmark's Icon Click > "Delete" >>> This will not delete the file - only the ICON from your DESKTOP <<<

Modified by RobinClaire