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Hi. Is there an option for Firefox to "not" let a website go Modal?


I recently went to https://www.shamwow.com/

Once the page is fully loaded, if you try to exit, a popup "modal" window appears. You can't exit Firefox because it is modal. You are forced to close the popup window. This might run code using the OnClose() or OnExit() functions. Once you close the first pop, you are forced to close a second popup, which could run even more code.

I would love Firefox to have an option were you could elect to not load any web pages or pop-up pages Modally.

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Please let us know how NoScript works for you.

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This isn't really a bug, but I couldn't find anywere else to put in a suggestion to improve Firefox.

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This is where Firefox's native popup-bloker might have come into play, but it didn't, because some websites don't abuse modal dialogs. You can try this extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/alertcheck/

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Hi. I have tried this add-on but it doesn't seem to work on https://www.shamwow.com/

It still forces you to click the X or close button.

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Alright, I'm sorry that wasn't helpful. Please try the NoScript extension for this purpose.

Gryllida 76 solutions 892 answers

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Please let us know how NoScript works for you.

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Hi Gryllida. I am still using "NoScript". It does stop pages from going modal, where "AlertCheck" didn't.

I feel it is more for power users than your average Internet user.

It has an Allow All for this page option, but no "Allow All for this Domain Name" option. This is an option it urgently needs. I read the BBC news website. There is no way to allow all for the domain, so there is constantly a pop up at the bottom of the screen listing which scripts are partally allowed.

I wish it had a checkbox option to say that no website can go modal. If a website wants to go modal, a popup would appear asking if this domain can go modal. If it was your bank or other trusted site, you could say yes and it would add the domain to your own private exceptions list.

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You can ask to add these features at the NoScript forum