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why won't firefox download onto my computer?


firefox literally will not download to my computer. i don't know how to fix my problem.

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mtz1of4 2 solutions 14 answers

Have you scanned your system for Virus/malware? Have you talked to your IT department? Have you asked your parents if they will let you? Did you call your ISP and ask them why they are blocking your internet to Firefox? Have you plugged your computer into the wall? Have you plugged your computer into the Internet? Have you checked your Wireless signal? Did you pay your ISP this month? Did you run around your house three times and then try downloading again? Can you read this http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=260935 and come back here? Honestly, we'd love to help, but you didn't really ask a question, did you?

levimarty 0 solutions 2 answers

what a stupid reply