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How do I unremember passwords that Firefox saved?


When I enter a user name and password to enter a web site , Firefox asks me if I want Firefox to remember it. I say "Remember". Now I wan to change that password. How di I do this? Thanks, Jerry H

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If you type in a new password for a site that Firefox has previously remembered, it should ask you if you want to change the password that has been stored.

If you want to remove the password, you can delete it from the password manager. In the Tools menu select Options to open the Options dialog. Select the Security panel and then click on the "Saved Passwords" button to open the passwords manager. You can remove a site by selecting it in the list in the password manager and then click the Remove button.

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I clicked on "Tools" but it doesn't have an "option" to select. So, any other thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Jerry H

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I just went to Firefox Preferences >Security and i saw a button that said "Saved Passwords". I clicked on that and all my saved passwords came up, so I selected the one I wanted to remove and then clicked on the "Remove"button. It worked! Thanks for your help - it got me thinking in the right direction. Jerry H

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Menu differences: Windows: Tools > Options - Mac: Firefox > Preferences - Linux: Edit > Preferences

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Can remove the older password there

Tools > Options > security > saved passwords!

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Can remove remembered passwords here

Tools > Options > Security > Saved Passwords