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where are Bookmarks located on C: drive?


Three questions from a NOVICE computer and new Firefox user: 1: I exported in HTML format my Bookmarks from my desktop computer to an external hard drive, then imported them into my laptop computer. I can access the Bookmarks from the Bookmark menu - but, where are they actually found on the C: drive? There is a "Favorites" folder which was where they were stored when using Internet Explorer, but Bookmarks I imported are not there? 2: If, at a later date, I import a new Bookmarks HTML file to my laptop, do I first need to delete the current Bookmarks? If so, I need to know where they are located on the C: drive. Or, will the new imported HTML file overwrite the existing file? 3: I am concerned that my Norton Backup is not finding the correct folder to back-up my Bookmarks now, as I think it is backing-up the "Favorites" folder.

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Firefox 3 stores the bookmarks and the browser history in places.sqlite and no longer uses an HTML file or creates an HTML backup for the bookmarks.

There are also (five) JSON backups in the bookmarkbackups folder within the Firefox Profile Folder.


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Let's try this again. All I'm trying to do is periodically copy the Bookmarks on my desktop computer to my laptop computer, so I have the same on both computers. I am just your average, novice computer-user - not a computer-geek. Even IF I understood your reply to my first question about where Bookmarks are located on the C: drive, what with 'JSONS', 'places.sqlike', hidden profiles and links with even more user-unfriendly "answers" - there was no attempt to answer my other two questions. Why is managing Bookmarks such a mysterious and convoluted process on Firefox?

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You asked where the Firefox bookmarks are stored on the hard drive, so I explained how Firefox works.
It is worth to do some investigation how Firefox stores your personal profile data so you can make a backup and know how to find your data in case of problems.

If you want to see Firefox bookmarks in IE then you need to import the Bookmarks HTML file with the exported bookmarks is IE.

If you reimport another HTML backup then all the bookmarks in that file will be added once again, so you need to remove the bookmarks from the previous import to avoid multiple sets of bookmarks.

You can resolve such duplicates with the Checkplaces extension:

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