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Pogo games window being cut off in Firefox only


I have tried suggestions and in every instance, the games room to any pogo game does not show the full screen. I had been using pogo for 2 years with no issues. The window opens normally but the screen appears cut off about 1" from the right side and 1" from the bottom. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox and that didn't help. I updated and checked all shockwave and java, adobe and everything is up to date - still no help. I tried the same pogo page in Internet Explorer and it worked perfectly so it can't be my computer. I'm not a fan of IE, and certainly don't want to start using that browser because there is some bug - but can someone figure something out? anything? I've even tried the pogo suggestions: screen resolution and that didn't help either.

Please help - thanks.

Chosen solution

Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems: View > Zoom > Reset (Ctrl+0 (zero); Cmd+0 on Mac)

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  • GEPlugin
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  • 4.0.50917.0
  • The plug-in allows you to open and edit files using Microsoft Office applications
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Chosen Solution

Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems: View > Zoom > Reset (Ctrl+0 (zero); Cmd+0 on Mac)

Question owner

wow! unbelievable that something so easy was the answer. And for others that have this same problem, just a heads up you have to press Ctrl+0 because there is no view>zoom>reset option in the pogo window.

thanks to cor-el for your help.

roni56 0 solutions 1 answers

didn't work for me. can't see the whole game and all the buttons, game window pops up a little bigger and then srinks a little right away don't know if that makes a differants

mosie 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

Ctrl-0 (zero) didn't work for me. But I found that by using Ctrl and the scroll wheel on my mouse, I was able to adjust the zoom so I could see the whole game.

Figgs 0 solutions 1 answers

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Ctrl + scroll mouse worked........but that is not acceptable. Whose problem is it???? Firefox or Pogo........I have used Pogo for 8 years.......and FF for about 5.

The tech at Pogo told me to download Google Chrome and said it would work. It does. So does Internet Explorer.

I have a one inch space down the page which pushes the left border out of view. Using the mouse, I shrank the page down. I love Firefox, but am just a tad ticked off at this!!

Shirl64 0 solutions 1 answers

When I open up pogo and put a game up mozilla kicks me off

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