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Deleting localstorage

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I know about cookies, flash cookies, forced cached images etc..

What seems to be unclear is how one reviews which sites have used "localstorage" and how to delete this information where/when one chooses to.

Is there a plugin or dialog through which I can review this information? If not, why not?

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See (Storage location and clearing the data)

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You can use the sqlite manager add-on in Firefox to review and delete specific localstorage entries.

Use tools - Add-ons to bring up the Add-ons manager, use the search box for sqlite, and install the SqLite manager; restart Firefox and select Tools - Sqlite Manager. That'll open a new window.

Click on the word directory in the menu line, and select 'Profile Directory' -- that's where Firefox stores the database.

To the right of the word directory, select from the combo '(Select Profile Database)', the entry 'webappsstore.sqlite'. Click on 'GO'.

In the left-hand pane, expand the tree entry 'tables' by clicking. Select webappsstore2. Select the right-hand pane tab labelled 'Browse & Search'. Click 'Show All' if necessary. The right-hand table should be populated with your localStorage entries.

The columns are:

  • rowid -- internal indexing number
  • scope -- The url of the webpage that made this row, SPELLED BACKWARDS!
  • key -- The key your program used to make this entry
  • value -- The text of the value you specified
  • secure -- logical value (0/1)
  • owner -- Probably not populated

You can sort by columns by clicking the column header. You can delete rows by selecting them (ctl-click and shift-click also work for multiple selections), and press the Delete button; or add, duplicate, edit etc. (If, like me, you've used huge strings for the 'value', editing may be very slow)

But delete's ok even for huge entries, and it seems a good way to tidy things up!

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DOM Storage can be cleared via "Tools -> Clear Recent History -> Cookies" when Time range is "Everything" (via nsICookieManager::removeAll)

It works only when you select "Time Range" = Everything. There is a bug when you specify a time range other than "Everything".

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@Roderick Smith: - That was just superb! I am using SQLite Manager on Firefox 12, everything is so clear. Is there a similar tool for IE9. I have read that IE9 stores the localStorage in XML format. XML is readable, but I will still prefer a similar tool, if one is available.