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Why is the "Firefox Throttle" addon not available anymore and is there a replacement?

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I need to be able to dynamically slow down (throttle) the speed with which my firefox downloads content. There are thousands of google links to an extension that seems to do exactly what I want: However this is now a dead link. Why?

Is there a replacement?

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The authors of the add-on may have removed it from the add-ons site or discontinued the add-on. You can try asking them at

I do not know of a similar add-on.

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Yep, looks like it was pulled from the AMO servers.
This page links to the AMO server for the download, and the file comes up empty.

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You can still try to find it on software download websites (use google). I'm still using this add-on to limit my downloads when watching videos online (4 computers at home and only 2Mbits/s Internet connection). Just wondering if there is another easy way to limit down speed? Just want to start using Firefox 4.0 but latest version is not working with new Gecko :( Hope that soon someone will make a new similar add-on (tried to modify it to be compatible with 4.0 but just can't fix and recompile *.dll files)

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Chosen Solution

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Thanks for the help guys!

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You're welcome.

That file can disappear at anytime, so be sure to save it on your computer.

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The link: is DEAD and when you go to their site at: it does not list any current add-on's. Sure hope they are still doing FireFox add-on's...

If anyone knows about ANY other FireFox add-on that does the same thing PLEASE post it here...

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Did you try my above posted link to the XPI file?

It looks that the file firefox_throttle-1.1.6-fx-win.xpi in still on the Add-ons FTP server.

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Hi cor-el,

Thanks for the link. I have downloaded and saved it.

My hope is that the people at will take a second look at this application and even make it a "4-pay" item.

I would most likely PAY to have it available for all future versions of FireFox.

I have looked at some other programs ( not add-on's ) and they are mostly system wide applications and not nearly as easy to use as FireFox Throttle.

I have left a message on their site twice with no response as yet...

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IT's BACK...

However the download is version 1.1.5! and version 1.1.6 is out there...

I will contact them to let them know about this forum.... and ask about version numbers and FireFox 4.? support...

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^ that version of Firefox Throttle is for Firefox 3.6. The install.rdf has 3.6 as the maxVersion and that file was last modified in Jan 2010, which makes it over a year old and it coincides with the release of Firefox 3.6 .

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I have been in contact with the folks there about a time line for a version that will work with FireFox ver: 4.x and their response is:

That's ok. I'm really swamped with other stuff at the moment. Best bet is end of April-mid May.




Hope this estimate holds,


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Though it's not my app, I've put it on GitHub. I need it!!

I changed the version limiter to Firefox 5.*

It installs but menu is a bit weird, it's missing active/disable button on the toolbar and when trying to save options, it says "TypeError: this.watcherservice is undefined"

Maby somebody can fork it!?

It works on FF 3.6.17 though. Multiple installs? I have!

Cool plugin!

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I think it's version 1.1 but I head there was 1.1.6. Maby somebody could send it? Maby it works in Firefox 4?

My email is

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You can get 1.1.6 from here....

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this version can not support FF 4.0.1 Hope someone can post a latest version supporting 4.0.1!!

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This plug-in is the reason I haven't updated to FF 4, and I won't update until this works with it  :p

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Here is a version modified to work with all versions (well, up to 9.xx)

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Hey BCN, your patch didn't work for me. I run it on FF 7. Did you just play with the compatibility requirements in install.rdf to trick the compatibility checker or did you actually change the architecture of the plugin so that it truly becomes compatible with FF4+?

Well, either way, I have an alternative solution to propose. It works very nicely for me. Actually, it's ideal. It involves getting the best of both worlds: being able to simultaneously run the latest version of Firefox for (unthrottled) browsing and a legacy 3.6x version for my big (throttled) downloads.

Solution (DIY Version of my Solution ):

Setting Up a Separate Portable Firefox 3.6.x that runs independently of and simultaneously to your latest version of Firefox

Get FireFox Portable 3.6.24:

It's a portable app, meaning that it's got all it's profiles and preference and application files in the same directory. It won't compete with your current installation of Firefox, has it's own separate extension folder etc...

Get Firefox Throttle 1.1.6 (I couldn't find it in the official mozilla site)

It will be flagged as incompatible with even that old version of firefox (but it isn't). You just need to turn off compatibility checking. You can do that with this extension:

If you have Bookmarks you want to port to the portable (bad pun intend), backup them up to bookmarks.json file on your desktop and import them to the portable version. You can export/import more stuff using FEBE addon but that's a whole world of headaches if you don't your doing.

Many of your extensions favourites extensions will no longer work on FFox 3.6.x but if, in that same addon's page, you look around until you find a link to previous versions of the addon, you will notice that the compatibility info is right below the version numbers. Just download and install the latest version that is compatible with you 3.6.x....

Voila mon ami! Your FFox 3.6 portable has just become your own private Download Mule whom you can throttle to your hearts content (ever throttle a real Mule??? I wouldn't try it, personally...) Do your regular browsing in another (unthrottled) browser and do your big downloads in the Mule...

If you want to keep using your brand spanking new Firefox for other types of browsing while using this portable Mule edition for the downloads, just add -p -no-remote to the shortcut leading to your Firefox Portable Mule edition.

For example, my taskbar shortcut to my Firefox Portable is:

""C:\Program Files (x86)\FirefoxPortableLegacy36\FirefoxPortable.exe"

I just changed it to:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\FirefoxPortableLegacy36\FirefoxPortable.exe" -p -no-remote

This will make it occupy it's own independent instance and I can use the both my Firefox Nightly and the Firefox Portable editions at the same time (each one, using a different profile ie. extensions, cookies, password, cache etc).

If you're on Linux, you can just run this on Wine and set the Windows Version to Windows 2000 in the Wine config,

If you want to get rid of the Portable Apps splash screen, click here:

Solution (Non-DIY Version of my Solution):

Download my preconfigured but SWAGGED-THE-HECK-UP PortableFirefox 3.6

Having realized that some of you may find the above to be daunting. I took my own customize firefox portable, took out all my data and compressed the folder (it's portable, so it'll run as soon as you unzip it).

A screenshot is attached below. I know it looks like I'm running FFox 4+ on there but that's because I've enhanced 3.6.24.

Here is the download link:

Don't forget to modify your Start/Taskbar shortcuts:

"C:\wherever you decide to put it\FirefoxPortableLegacy36-Swagged-UP!\FirefoxPortable.exe"

I just changed it to:

"C:\wherever you decide to put it\FirefoxPortableLegacy36-Swagged-UP!\FirefoxPortable.exe" -p -no-remote

Modified by momashi69

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Any news? I spent a little time to check the extension. It is not possible to run it under FF4+ without recompiling, because there is a change in the API of Firefox. The author needs to compile a new version of FFThrottle.dll May be some one could write to him again, maybe he could share the source.

Modified by rapit

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