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Firefox will not allow me to sign on to https://www.chase.com directly.


Firefox will not allow me to sign on to https://www.chase.com directly. Every time I sign on to chase.com it from Firefox it won't allow me to access my online banking with Chase directly. It takes me to a page Chase has that says it doesn't recognize my computer. I then have to go to the next page whereby I choose to receive an authentication code to my cell or email. I then input this in the first box of the next window followed by my account password. At this point it will allow me to sing on to Chase. I shouldn't have to enter my username and password and then go through these other steps all just to log on to my online banking.

Chase and I did a number of things. We tried Safari, Safari doesn't have the problem, so therefore it is a Firefox problem. I delete all info except browser history from Firefox whenever I close it. So we unchecked all those settings that would do those actions, and it still didn't work—yes, we allowed all cookies and for Ff to not delete them, as well as cache, history, etc. Ff still forces me to go through those extra steps. Each time we closed Ff and reopened it to test these things, manually entering my username and password to sign on to Chase. We even tried adding Exceptions for Chase (*.chase.com). The problem won't go away.

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Here are the extra steps Chase.com takes me through to access my online banking. They are in order of appearance on Chase (L to R here).

I've exhausted all possibilities with Firefox's setting I believe, unless I have indeed missed one or two.

What is causing this problem of Chase to not recognize my computer (as it says)?

I don't want to get into using another browser just to access my Chase online banking.

Chase explained to me that it would not be a problem of a bad password because then it would take to their "did not recognize password" page.

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