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Firefox can't find the server at www.facebook.com.


I followed all the instructions and suggestions listed on firefox support page and can not access facebook. The error I get says:

Firefox can't find the server at www.facebook.com.

   *   Check the address for typing errors such as
         ww.example.com instead of
   *   If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network
   *   If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
         that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Additional System Details

Sites Affected


Installed Plug-ins

  • np-mswmp
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 8.2.2
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
  • Default Plug-in
  • npmnqmp 071800999999
  • Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45
  • GEPlugin
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers
  • My Web Search Plugin Stub for 32-bit Windows
  • Google Update
  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_20 for Mozilla browsers


  • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100914 Firefox/3.6.10

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Helpful Reply

This was a server crash that happened to Facebook a few days ago. After all, they do have a lot of people on at one time. It should be fixed by now, but sites cannot always be assured not to crash at any moment. To determine if a site is down or if your computer/browser is having a problem, go to http://downrightnow.com/ . If it wasn't just a crash and Facebook still doesn't work, please reply.