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Pictures not showing!


I was copying a picture to put on facebook, and somewhere there was a box I could check (which I did) that said something about not attaching something to images. Since then, nobody's profile pics show on Facebook when in Firefox; however, in IE7, everything on Facebook shows as it should. Anyone know what I may have done? How do I get back to that same place and uncheck that box and get my pics back? Images show on websites, but not profile pics on Facebook.

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With Facebook on display, click on the How do I tell if my connection to a website is secure? (the favicon on the left side of the location bar), then click on the "More Information" button. This will open up the page info dialog. Go to the Permissions panel and make sure that the "Load images" option is set to allow. Selecting "Use Default" should work as well.

For further options see the Fix problems that cause images to not show article.

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Thank you for your reply. this did not work. the "load images" option was in already set to allow. so in any event, I selected "use default", and still no pics show. Everything on websites show, pics on facebook show, but everyone's profile pics do not. However, in IE7 they do show.

Any other idea? All I can remember was that there was a box I selected within a dialog box that came up when I was doing something with my profile pic. Driving me crazy!!!

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1041 solutions 8840 answers

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Another thing to check, also on the Page Info dialog, select the Media panel.

Select the first item in the list, then use the down arrow to scroll through the list. If you come across an item with a check-mark in the "Block Images from (domain name)", remove the check-mark.

For further options the mozillaZine knowledge base have an article on this - http://kb.mozillazine.org/Images_or_animations_do_not_load

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You, my friend, are a complete GENIUS! Thank you so much!