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how do I set up the autofill forms?


I've recently switched to Firefox from Safari and I love it. The one thing I miss about Safari is the autofill icon that you can click on and it will enter your name address, phone number, email address etc in the appropriate fields with just one click. How do I set this up in Firefox? I've looked through all the help categories and none of them seem to fit.

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In Firefox it is different, see Control whether Firefox automatically fills in forms with your information

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Hi Cor-el. This is very helpful. I knew about Form autocomplete but wanted to do everything with one click instead of having to type the first letter in each field. I like the look of fireform and downloaded it but the fireform icon doesn't appear in my status bar and, though I have 'Fireform options' in my Tools menu, there isn't an option 'profile management' that Fireform Getting Started tells me will be there. I've gone instead to Simple Set up and created a profile but as I haven't got a Fireform icon to click on, I can't actually use it. I'm on Mac. Do you think this is the problem? I've downloaded Autofill and that is working, though, bizarrely, it insists on entering my full name including title in both the 'First name' field and the 'Last name' field. Still, I guess amending those two fields is better than having to type in the whole lot. Thanks again for your help - I wonder why Firefox Help doesn't explain that you need an add-on?