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How to stop video Autoplay when opened in new tab (before clicking on the tab)


In Firefox on my old PC, and Safari on the current Mac, if I open a video in a new tab, the video would not auto-play, until I clicked on the tab. On Firefox on the Mac the video just auto plays. This is pretty annoying when I open 4 or 5 videos in different tabs and they all start playing. I want to click on the tab before it starts playing.

As safari on the Mac does not play the videos automatically, I am hoping there is a way to stop it on Firefox?

So an example is metacafe.com. If you open a video in a new tab, the video will start playing automatically, whether you click on the tab or not.

If you open up the same site in safari, and open the video in a new tab, the video will only start playing once you have clicked on the tab.

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Saigim 0 solutions 1 answers

try goto about:config and change value of media.autoplay.enabled to false.

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Thanks for taking the time to post. I have tried that method before, and it unfortunately does not solve the problem.

DocHarry 0 solutions 2 answers

"try goto about:config and change value of media.autoplay.enabled to false. "

Tried this but it didn't make any difference.

I've been using 'Stop Autoplay', but it's incompatible with the latest Firefox upgrade.

Anyway to downgrade Firefox? I really need my 'Stop Autoplay'.

mozmos 0 solutions 5 answers


Nobody there?

Is the a MONETARY reason why we do not get to handle our browser on OUR computer the way WE want?

Is Firefox/Seamonkey falling for the Microsoft Syndrome?

mozmos 0 solutions 5 answers

... also it probably is used by Firefox now they started to add videos on their pages.

Videos are the BEST way to communicate to the visitors! Right? Hence, commercialization happening - even partly with Linux now ...see different versions of it!

mozmos 0 solutions 5 answers

...still blooming me!

Who else the autoplay helps?

Internet Service Providers for customers that have a 'LIMITED' monthly bandwidth.

It makes you waste a lot of it and 'force' you to buy more EXTRA and not needed allowance!

But above all that. WHAT ABOUT OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE ? Is democracy completely dead?