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3.6.7 Lag, Delay, Memory Leak Checked But Not Fixed?

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Well, open a tab, try to open another tab, about 20 seconds of appearing frozen passed.

Okay let's try clicking the first tab again, oh well, another 20 seconds frozen with cursor not even usable.

Okay let's try clicking the url bar, oops, another 20 seconds of delay, and the program is up to 180 megs of memory, that spikes down to 150, then builds again, apparently a new routine is added to "clear" the memory every so often, however, THE MEMORY LEAK ITSELF REMAINS UNTOUCHED.

Maybe Firefox has become so disgustingly bloated with worthless and useless "innovations" that stroke the egos of its developers that, finally, the program is worthless for daily use.

Second Life is a program that's been around for a very long time, and just open firefox, then Second Life. First, you log in to second life wearing the image of the webpage you have open in Firefox. Then you notice that Second Life is lagging endlessly, sometimes with 5 second delays trying to select anything. Close Firefox, and Second Life performs properly. Amazing isn't it?

Memory issue is THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRFOX ISSUE but apparently no one cares, too busy appreciating themselves for some part of the program that was their idea I guess.

Who cares if 3.5 Firefox is the first to have video without a plug in, if, the program is memory leaking like the BP well was leaking oil??

But, as one can see with a memory monitoring program, Firefox now, finally after almost 20 revisions, has a "fix," to lower the amount of memory along some time-line that seems to keep it from accumulating to 500 megs in a matter of minutes, but, WITHOUT ACTUALLY FIXING THE CAUSE OF THE MEMORY LEAK.

I wonder if these volunteers for Firefox are unemployed, and that's why they have time to work on Firefox, their lack of competence the reason they are unemployed, long before this recession.


P.S. My extensions have nothing to do with Firefox's lack luster performance. The issues have existed with or without them installed. Reality: Firefox programmers are busy with head inserted in hindquarters, feeling good about themselves for volunteering, irrespective of coding pure junk. Quality and doing what is right have apparently been thrown out the door, and the message, "a free internet means you get worthless products" the message of

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== version 3.5

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same basic idea- ctrl-shift-del (clear everything) and it went from taking >700megs on startup (PC XP,all addins disabled) to ~60megs.

Better wtf is what was stored in that 650+ megs?