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I am unable to open www.onlinesbi.com in mozilla 3.6


onlinesbi.com doesnt open in the mozilla brouser.Actually it never opened in any brouser.

URL of affected sites


Additional System Details

Installed Plug-ins

  • -Cooliris embedded in a tab
  • BitTorrent Plugin 1
  • Ask Toolbar Plugin Stub for 32-bit Windows
  • Foxit Reader Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape "9.3.3"
  • Default Plug-in
  • Shockwave Flash 10.1 r53
  • GEPlugin
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers
  • Google Update
  • Version 1.0.5, copyright 1996-2010 The VideoLAN Teamhttp://www.videolan.org/
  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_20 for Mozilla browsers


  • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100713 YFF35 Firefox/3.6.7 GTB7.1 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)

More Information

Troubleshooting Information
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Application Basics
Profile Directory
Open Containing Folder
Installed Plugins
Build Configuration
Adblock Plus 1.2.1 true
Cooliris true piclens@cooliris.com
CoolPreviews 3.1.0625 true
Google Toolbar for Firefox 7.1.20100701W true {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c}
IDM CC 6.4 true mozilla_cc@internetdownloadmanager.com
Java Console 6.0.20 true
We7 Toolbar true
Zotero 2.0.3 true zotero@chnm.gmu.edu
Personas 1.5.3 true personas@christopher.beard
BetterPrivacy 1.47.4 true
Modified Preferences
accessibility.typeaheadfind true
accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar 0
browser.fixup.alternate.enabled false
browser.history_expire_days.mirror 180
browser.history_expire_days_min 60
browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion 2
browser.startup.homepage http://www.yahoo.com/
browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone rv:
extensions.lastAppVersion 3.6.7
font.size.variable.x-western 15
general.useragent.extra.microsoftdotnet (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)
keyword.URL http://search.conduit.com/ResultsExt.aspx?ctid=CT2267393&SearchSource=2&q=
network.cookie.prefsMigrated true
network.protocol-handler.expose.mailto true
network.protocol-handler.external.mailto false
places.last_vacuum 1277651706
print.print_printer Send To OneNote 2007
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_bgcolor false
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_bgimages false
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_downloadfonts false
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_edge_bottom 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_edge_left 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_edge_right 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_edge_top 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_evenpages true
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_footerleft &PT
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_footerright &D
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_headerleft &T
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_headerright &U
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_in_color true
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_margin_bottom 0.5
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_margin_left 0.5
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_margin_right 0.5
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_margin_top 0.5
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_oddpages true
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_orientation 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_pagedelay 500
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_paper_data 1
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_paper_height 11.00
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_paper_size_type 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_paper_size_unit 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_paper_width 8.50
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_reversed false
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_scaling 1.00
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_shrink_to_fit true
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_to_file false
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_unwriteable_margin_bottom 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_unwriteable_margin_left 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_unwriteable_margin_right 0
print.printer_Send_To_OneNote_2007.print_unwriteable_margin_top 0
privacy.popups.showBrowserMessage false
privacy.sanitize.migrateFx3Prefs true
privacy.sanitize.timeSpan 4
security.OCSP.disable_button.managecrl false
security.default_personal_cert Select Automatically
security.disable_button.openCertManager false
security.disable_button.openDeviceManager false
security.warn_leaving_secure true
security.warn_viewing_mixed.show_once false

David Tenser
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Helpful Reply

I tried to load onlinesbi.com in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and, although it worked it was very slow to load in both browsers. (It took a good 10 seconds until anything showed.)

I don't see any difference on the site in Firefox compared to IE though, so there seems to be no problems here. Could you clarify this problem with more information, or report back if the problem is already solved?

David Tenser
  • Administrator
  • Moderator
32 solutions 294 answers

Helpful Reply

Unrelated to your issue, it looks like you're using a very old version of Firefox. You should upgrade to the latest version -- just go to the Help menu and click Check for Updates. This link walks you through the process: Update Firefox to the latest version