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Latest version of Firefox is having problems loading sites, it tries to load to Google Analytics. No error messages, just a page that won't load. How do I stop this?

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Latest version of Firefox is having problems loading some sites, it tries to load and then gets taken over trying to load Google Analytics. No error messages, just a page that won't load. How do I get rid of this, it is a "pain in the neck"

URL of affected sites


Latest version of Firefox is having problems loading some sites, it tries to load and then gets taken over trying to load Google Analytics. No error messages, just a page that won't load. How do I get rid of this, it is a "pain in the neck" == URL of affected sites == http://

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On which sites do you get this problem?

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I am experiencing the same problems and had to revert to using Internet Explorer for some of the sites. Would love to know a solution to this asap.

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On which sites do you get this problem?

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I just spent 3 days with this issue as well. I finally fixed it by reluctantly adding yet another add-on called ADBLOCK I was able to selectively block google-analytics. Now pages that weren't loading before are now loading. eg vimeo.com starbucks.com & other random sites.

This was a tough one to fix because there is NO ERROR MESSAGE..page just shows it's loading...forever..& the bottom of my browser says 'waiting for google analytics'. I finally figured out google analytics is the culprit. Ironically, some help pages in trying to find a fix wouldn't load for me due to google analytics arghhh!

Im on a macbookpro & Safari worked fine for these same sites. It was just Firefox. I nearly switched back to Safari because of this stupid issue. I'm wondering if this was caused by recent firefox 'updates'...

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I join the ranks of those with this problem since I updated with 3.6.8

I used to log in every day to my LMS portal (Blackboard) through my tech college's website using Firefox, but now the page simply won't load. I do not get any google analytics message -- the window just sits and spins, telling me it's loading, but never doing so. Safari works, so it must be something with Ff. I don't want to go back to Safari, but I need to have access to this site!

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Hey, do not try to block it using ADBLOCK, because you PROBABLY HAVE A VIRUS!

I'm pasting my post from another thread:

Solution to your problem is probably in here http://www.digitaldrake.com/how-to-remove-the-trojandnschanger-virus/

You have a trojan called DNSchanger. I had this same problem and after I used http://www.malwarebytes.org/ software to remove it, everything worked fine. Some sites also tried to request surveys.cnet.com.

You need to download the program to usb-memory or something else on some other pc, because DNSchanger trojan won't let you go in to the malwarebytes.org, or it won't let you run it when you install. Install it in windows safe mode by pressing F8 in startup.

Good luck, drc

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The original post, saying I have this problem too, is after all of the updates. The updates are in reverse chronological order.

    • UPDATE 22 Oct 2010

I am now at Firefox 3.6.11. Today I tried removing the entries for google-analytics.com from my hosts file (see update below for details on that). So far it looks like things are OK. Will monitor.

    • UPDATE 20 Sep 2010

Further detail: It often happens that the page begins to display. I see it there momentarily, and apparently complete. Then it quickly goes blank and I see the status line about waiting for google analytics.

Some other pages where I get the problem: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner http://www.360amigo.com/360amigoupgrade11

I've also used several other products in an attempt to fix this (to no avail). They are: - Microsoft Security Essentials (ongoing) - Hitman Pro (daily, and several times extra just in case) - Malware Bytes: Anti-Malware - Norman Malware Cleaner - Ad-Aware Free - Piriform Ccleaner - 360 Amigo Free

I'm still in the process of working with TrendMicro HiJackThis v2.0.2 (you run it, get a log, and then get help if needed in analyzing the log on any number of forums dedicated to that end).

    • UPDATE 22 SEP 2010

The folks at spywarehammer.com were most useful and helped me go through the results of hijackthis. Seems it is not some sort of malware.

I did find a sort of work around which, I think, has been mentioned elsewhere in related posts: I simply put a new entry in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Well, 2 entries: www.google-analytics.com google-analytics.com

Now that really is a work around, but it sure does work! It redirects all attempts to go to google-analytics to try my own computer. No waiting.

Also means I'll never know when this gets fixed, but I can live with that.

    • UPDATE 17 Sep 2010

The problem does not appear to have been resolved by going to 3.6.10. I am hanging right now, in firefox in another tab, browsing to http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/ with the status line reading "Waiting for www.google-analytics.com..."



I also have this problem. I had it with 3.6.8 and now with 3.6.9, to which I just upgraded today because of this problem. (see above: happens in 3.6.10 too)

I don't have that trojan mentioned above. I know this because I went to malwarebytes' site and got and used their anti-malware product. It found no problems. I also used Hitman Pro several times and it also found nothing.

I still have this problem.

The problem does not show up with IE or Chrome. It's Firefox only.

It hangs on all sorts of sites. It even happened trying to go to malwarebytes.org! Also, for example, sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse, and several others I don't recall.

When it hangs, it's either waiting for, or transferring data from, www.google-analytics.com. Exceedingly frustrating.

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i've had nearly the same experience. When it happened on the 4-5 unrelated site I went to G-A's site and found it blocked me from accessing the Forum site!!! Hope somebody finds a solution soon. I'm just not an IE fan!!!!

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My laptop, OS Windows 7 Pro, has this problem at one site but not another. ESET antivirus scans clean, which is expected if the problem is locale-oriented. The problem occurs at a site using Windstream DSL and a Linksys wireless router. The other site, where the problem does not occur, using Time Warner cable and a US Robotics wireless router. Internet Explorer had similar, but not the same, problems on the DSL site. Hope this helps find the real culprit.