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Would it be wise to download v3.6.3 and downgrade? (plugin-container.exe issue)

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Due to Firefox loading plugin-container.exe and taking up to 40% more resources (in version 3.6.4), would it be wise to download v. 3.6.3 here: and downgrade? if so, would i need to completely uninstall 3.6.4 first? thx

== Upgrading to version 3.6.4

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I had the same problem, and the above suggested fix works, but my issue is that this is affecting all three of my computers, so if the program is so poorly written that we have to go in and make these changes to keep it from hanging up our system, why doesn't Mozilla make the change in the updates and automatically correct it?

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Since the upgrade more often than not when I use firefox and the plugin-container starts to run and take up so much of my cpu that just to use sites that have never been terribly labor intensive on my computer before I have to go through and end processes like explorer.exe, and gone through my plugins and disabled all but the flash plugins and the like just to keep the whole system from crashing. I hope disabling the container will give me some relief

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Thanks. Your fix resolved the problem for me!

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Hi, I too must check in and complain about the massive cpu usage. I disabled plugin-container per instructions and it didn't help much. It only appears to happen with flash video, namely youtube or other similar services. I'm very depressed, Firefox was my salvation from garbage M$ stuff and now :/ Does any one have ideas? I completely uninstalled FF and Flash plugin and re-installed. Oh Yes, ashamedly this is windows xp...

ETA Latest FF, Latest Flash, CPU >2.8ghz (AMD)

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Ditto and no I don't want to roll back. Just killed the plugin container; let's see if that works. Please fix, FF!

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I had disabled plug in container as per your fix and while I must say it does eliminate the sluggish behavior when I'm on pages with flash, there is still an unhealthy 70 to 90 % use of the cpu and the motherboard fan seems to be working itself to death.

I'm up to ff 3.6.8 now and my children played facebook and other flash games often so I'm not sure how long the cooling fan's gonna hold.

With plugin container off, ff does crash but it's not at all that many times to be annoying.

While I must appreciate the team is addressing the crash vulnerability, this cpu surge does not occur with other browsers (what I read from other feedbacks).

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It seems it doesn't matter as since update for my plug ins firefox as a whole as slowed way way down and running resources like crazy. Need to fix this. I have been checking around for answers and dont seem to find an easy solution or update to fix this so ff is fast again. It also doesnt seem to be just when on a page with flash on it. It slows all pages down. Once have like 3 pages / tabs open. Fast computer to so this should be fast as heck like it normally is. Thats one main reason for firefox. Cause it runs fast but now slow as can be as of 3 days ago. I updated flash, all plugins and extensions but still slow.

Anybody have any fixes for this and my like posted issue please share. I will be creating a thread myself on this as well so can post there to if dont mind.

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To me it's a mystery how this crappy code managed to get into firefox at all. There must be something sinister going on in the Mozilla leadership for this to happen. How could this happen to such a nice browser? High Tech is fine, but when the High Tech is just unbelievable JUNK, so what is it useful for really? It seems like Mozilla has begun pushing glaze and glimmer lately, giving a damn in useability, light footprint and so on. It's like going backwards in software technology. I have reverted back to the old, and I simply can't describe what a quality feeling this old browser have compared to the much shittier newer ones. And not only that, but I'm also watching HQ vids on youtube with 45 percent CPU usage, on an old but trusty computer with an ATI 9600 video card.

Change browser. That's the only way I can help you. Let us hope that the problem will be fixed. But, I really doubt it, to tell you the truth.


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this procedure worked on my end.

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