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To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier.


How do I stop Firefox from asking ("To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier.") when I try to go back to a previous page?

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You get an alert about resending POST data if you go back to a page that was previously requested from the server by submitting form data via a POST form. The only way that Firefox can make sure to get the same page is by resending that POST form. Firefox doesn't know what that form data means, so Firefox asks for confirmation before resending that form data as such an action can cause you to repeat an action and buy another item or post a message another time. The only way to prevent that pop-up is not to use the Back button, but to open links from a page that was requested from a server by sending a POST form in a new tab (window) with a middle-click or a Ctrl + left-click. Then you can close that tab or window to go back.

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I have a password window that when checked the confirm pops up wit to display this page,firefox must send information that will repeat any action that was performed ealrier.

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cor-el - moderator

Excuses, cover up, as to you do not know how to fix this your self and you cover up for the people who work on this browser.

Lots of people are sick of this...

We love Firefox but not when it dose this, they have to figure out a way to fix this. "Do you see how many people complain"

The back button is essential for a pleasant browsing experience and nobody want to resend anything twice.

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Mozilla should put in a checkbox to allow you to always make the same selection (resend). I also love Firefox, but this is a pain...

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Node to Mike, pain.... lots of pain

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firefox should address this problem-internet explorer is looking better everyday

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For crying out loud please fix this issue - this is not an issue on Chrome or IE. Mind you I don't use Failfox except when I'm forced to at work - but a particular work website brings this up EVERY time I use the back button. It used to be quick for me to browse around the site using hot keys, including backspace, but not its slow and irritating.

Come on Failfox team, sort out your problems. Let the user make the decision on whether they want to see this crap.

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Also happens when you press the refresh button, such a pain!

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for anyone interested I took this issue to MYCE http://club.myce.com/f1/bad-experience-fire-fox-browser-314263/

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Just give us a means of opting out if we don't care about POST data; or opting out for certain web sites. We have an application that I use hundreds of times a day at work and as a result, I get that message hundreds of times. Opening new tabs doesn't help because I'd have to open numerous tabs, and then it takes time to figure out which tab is the "back" tab.

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Please post so that all may be aware: The FireFix team is CORRECT to alert this message. Here is the way out in most cases:

CASE 1: The form that posted is in an iframe. Upon unloading the parent page, simply change the src of the iframe as document.getElementById("ifame").src="iframe.php" for example. So that the iframe will be reloaded upon unload (and the page will disappear as usual - nobody will see this last second reload) - and then when the user comes back - magic! No firefox message.

Case 2: the form is in the body - reload the entire page

Case 3: This will not work in the case where the page has no meaning without the posted form data. In that case, you as a designed must provide a work around where you responsibly do something onUnload so that the next time the user comes in they do NOT see the page with the posted data. If you want that, then reload the page in another onUnload so that what you provide on the unload is EXACTLY the same as you want your users to see when they click the forward button or refresh again - and that page should NOT have been recieved vuia post - remember the onUnload event is the answer for all of you! I discovered and tested this thoroughly in http://www.changles.com - the next Facebook hehehe! Questions please call - no emails 9177413377

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To be clear, design your page so that the offending form is inside an invisible or visible iframe and use the onload eventin the parent page to reset the src of the iframe which will allow the user to return to the page with the iframe in its original state before the form was submitted and no firefox prompt will be presented.

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chandan090 0 solutions 1 answers

Hi All,

To remove this problem, replace the existing code "top.location.reload() " with code "top.location.href=top.location.href" .

Your problem could be resolved.

Chandan Kumar