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Why doesn't firefox use Active X Controls


I need to have Active X Control to access my banking process. I have this on IE but prefer to use Firefox, how can I make Active X Control work on Firefox

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  • -npsnapfish
  • Office Plugin for Netscape Navigator
  • LogMeIn, Inc. Remote Access Components
  • 2.0.0048.0
  • Coupons, Inc. Coupon Printer DLL
  • Coupons, Inc. Coupon Printer Plugin
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape "9.3.2"
  • Default Plug-in
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
  • Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45
  • iTunes Detector Plug-in
  • 4.0.50524.0
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers
  • Google Updater pluginhttp://pack.google.com/
  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_20 for Mozilla browsers
  • Npdsplay dll
  • DRM Store Netscape Plugin
  • DRM Netscape Network Object


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I need to have Active X Control to access my banking process. I have this on IE but prefer to use Firefox, how can I make Active X Control work on Firefox

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Firefox does not support ActiveX technology for multiple reasons.

   * ActiveX is only available on Windows operating systems, and as a result webpages that require it will not work on Linux or Mac.
   * ActiveX integration with the Windows operating system has made it a target for malicious software.  


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Is there any way that the IETab Extension for Mozilla Firefox can be made to work with Netscape 9?

This seems to be the best work around to this problem (i.e Remote Desktop Connection active x control problem) available. For some reason I perfer to use Netscape rather than Firefox even though FF seems more secure than ever these days.

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Oops, for got to include link to IETab Extension so people can see what I'm talking about...


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One more time, this is how I got here asking about Netscape activex controls:


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That "ActiveX" project was closed down years ago, and it wouldn't have worked for online banking that required ActiveX controls anyways. That project was intended for one very limited ActiveX control, for audio/video presentations, IIRC.

There are other, safer ways of doing whatever ActiveX does, that work on many other browsers across all platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

As far as IETab - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1419/ - that's a dead project, too (the original developer is now doing Linux programming). Hasn't been updated for Firefox 3.6, but there are two "replacement" extensions that are currently available at AMO.

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No, IETab Ext. is still active and current, I just downloaded and installed it for Firefox 3.6 and it works:


Above link was in the comments from the orig. IETab Ext. link.

Yes, I realize all this does is invoke the page opening/rendering in IE w/ trident engine w/ all the inherent security risks (but IE 8 is better than say IE 6 was) but it does let you use MS Remote Desktop Connection for example so I can get into my work computer from home...

IE Tab 2 is not from the original author of IE Tab - eh

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I ended up just d/l'ng and installing Netscape 8.1.3.

Not as fast and defunct ID Theft and Spyware components but it serves the purpose of built-in activex controls access when I need it with its "dual rendering" (Mozilla, Gecko or IE, Trident engine choice under the View menu.

I will use that or latest Firefox.

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I simply want to use clip art and my firefox page is telling me it cannot because of ActiveX requirements and anyone tell me in laymen terms how to get clip art to start working the way it used to? Thanks, B

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Get another bank. ActiveX is the biggest security risk ever created. If they are using ActiveX then they do not know or do not care about exposing your computer, personal, and financial information to attack.

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