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Regarding cookie information being deleted

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Good day.

I use Firefox 94.0.1 and the latest version of CCleaner. I sometimes use the "Clear Storage Button" and "Cookie Auto Delete" addons.

My situation:

1. In Firefox, settings for clearing history, Cookie, Site settings and Cache boxes are NOT checked.

2. I do some surfing. Then I'll look in the FF "Cookies and Site Data" - Manage Data, and I see cookies.

3. *Without closing the browser*, but closing any active tabs and leaving *one* inactive tab (blank) in place.

4. I will, for instance, hit the "Clear Storage Button" - which is set up to clear cookies.

5. Looking back in the FF "Cookies and Site Data" - Manage Data, the cookies have been removed.

6. Launching CCleaner, then Options, Cookies: cookie data still shows up!!!

7. I repeat the process, same result.

8. If I then *close* FF and look again at the CCleaner, Options, Cookies, the cookies info is gone.

This is the same result with using either "Clear Storage Button" and "Cookie Auto Delete" addons.

So the situation I have is this:

- I can remove cookie data from FF using an addon.

- As long as I don't close FF completely, CCleaner will still show cookie data.

- Once I close FF completely, then cookie data in CCleaner goes away.

- Please look back at #1 above.

It seems as though an addon can delete cookies in FF, and FF shows they have been deleted, but CCleaner is still picking up some residual data from FF, or so it appears.

Sign me, "Got me boggled".

Thanks for any help.

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We do not recommend using other programs to clean Firefox because they could corrupt the files. Also, the browser can clean itself.

Your ‘logged-in’ status is stored in special cookies. If the cookie is removed, you are logged out.

You may be in Private Browsing mode or told Firefox not to remember.

Type about:preferences#privacy<enter> in the address bar. The button next to History, select Use Custom Settings.

Turn off Always Use Private Browsing Mode Turn on Remember My Browsing And Download History At the bottom of the page, turn on Clear History When Firefox Closes. At the far right, press the Settings button. Turn on Cache and Form And Search History and whatever else you want.

Macs: Make sure you install Firefox properly and that you do not run Firefox from within the DMG (Disk Images) file.


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Firefox keeps data in memory while it is running and only flush it when you close Firefox or in idle time that is why there are sqlite-shm (shared memory) and sqlite-wal (write-ahead logging) temp files while Firefox is running. So cookies.sqlite might not get updated immediately when you clear cookies and thus CCleaner doesn't see the correct data. I'm surprised that Firefox isn't locking the database while it is running to prevent other software accessing the file.


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Hello. I'd like to thank you both (FredMcD & cor-el) for your replies. Respectfully to both:


I never use private browsing and it is disabled. Regarding remembering browser history, clearing this or that... that is not where my problem lies. The condition I am experiencing is when FF is open.

I've spent the last few hours trying to figure out what's going on. So, currently:

1. I refreshed and re-launched FF. 2. Reloaded my addons. 3. In Settings For Clearing History, Cache & Site Data boxes are *not* checked (cookie box checked). 4. Did some surfing. 5. Looked in the Cookies and Site Data / Manage Data: cookies were present. 6. I launched a blank tab and closed the tab I was surfing with. So, only a blank tab is open. 7. Looked in the Cookies and Site Data / Manage Data: cookies were present. 8. Using an addon to delete cookies, I did so. 9. Looked in the Cookies and Site Data / Manage Data: cookies were *not* present. 10. NOT closing FF, I launched CCleaner / Options / Cookies. It showed cookies for the web site I surfed. 11. Went back to FF. Looked in the Cookies and Site Data / Manage Data: cookies were *not* present. 12. Closed FF. 13. Looked at the CCleaner / Options / Cookies and the cookies had been removed.

A question in my mind is was CCleaner actually seeing cookie data or some residual something. Nevertheless, the situation remains that when cookies are cleared using an addon, and FF show no cookies in Cookies and Site Data / Manage Data, CCleaner still shows cookie data. When FF closes, that cookie info in CCleaner goes away.

My intention is to clear cookies without having to close FF! Doesn't sound to me like that's a difficult ask. So why is it that when I clear cookies using an addon, and FF shows no cookie data, that CCleaner shows cookie data.

cor-el: I hear what your saying about perhaps it needs a little time to clear out. Fair enough. But I've waited and waited and waited. Makes no difference.

I appreciate everyone's help. I can send screenshots if desired.

Best regards.


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