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Do not automatically remove signature on a Reply

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 When receiving a message, Thunderbird considers a line containing "--" to be a signature start mark and automatically removes all following lines (instead of quoting it) when editing the reply. 

I want to disable this behavior. (The content of my (reply) message is my responsibility, I dislike automation on my authoring. ;-) )

So, how to configure this?


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TB quotes the selected portion of a message by default, so just select the entire (or part) of the received message, including the signature, then click Reply.

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Many thanks for your reply.

Well, this is the trick I use as a workaround for now. But this behavior does not fit my need. I prefer the opposite: the replied message is quoted, fully, without any filtering; I can remove unwanted lines myself. I dislike seen a tool taking decisions in my place. It's my responsibility to edit the content, and no one else.

I fully understand that some users may love this behavior, but it's not my choice. So I'm asking how to disable it.

Thank you for your understanding. Regards.

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I don't think there's any way to disable the separator, short of the futility of asking everyone who sends you messages to omit it. There is a way in TB to disable the separator for your signature in composed messages, but not senders' signatures in replies. The sender has the option to have their own signature not shown in replies to their messages - which makes sense to me.

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Many thanks for spending time to try to convince me.

Well, I'm still dubious.

The signature mark is sender-dependend. Hoping to manage it automatically at the receiver side is rather hazardous. Each party does things on its side and cannot have expectations on the other party's tool. Once the message left the computer of the sender, once the sender has sent it, he can't decide on what the receiver should do with it.

But whatever. I fully understand that some users like this behavior. However, this is not my choice. Also, I am wondering how to configure this.

No way?


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The signature can be removed from received messages as described in my first reply. To remove the separator, so that your signature is not removed when recipients reply to your messages, change a preference in Config. editor.

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Obviously, we don't understand each other ;-) My point is "how to not _automatically_ remove signature on a Reply" How to configure this behavior of TB

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I understand what you want, but the answer is in my first reply: I'm not aware of any way to automatically bypass the separator in received messages, but the selection method is a feasible workaround.