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BMP File on Atlassian page has "Content Type=image/bmp" and Firefox will NOT open it

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My BMP files open from my Atlassian site in Chrome and IE but *NOT* in used to work but some version broke it. The "Properties" in Atlassian says "New Content Type=image/bmp" when you import a BMP file which works in Chrome and IE but I get a window with <The image "blah blah blah" cannot be displayed because it contains errors> in Firfox 72.0.1 under Windows 10 (and Windows 7). If I MANUALLY CHANGE every file to "New Content Type=bmp" then they will open in Firefox. Please FIX this..."image/bmp" and "bmp" are the SAME THING!

Attached is a sample wait this will *NOT* let me attach a BMP file (apparently you just hate that filetype)!

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Can you post a link to a publicly accessible page (i.e. no authentication or signing on required) ?

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No, where I have them is not publicly accessible, if *YOU* make a page that I can then attach it to, I can verify on that page it does not open properly either and you can test with that. Otherwise send me an EMAIL I can reply to and attach one of them to that and you can do whatever you want with it (it is just one of our customers LOGO's we put on the top of our Farebox).

On my Atlassian Confluence page the “Properties” says the “New Content Type = image/bmp” after posting it there.

              That *WORKS* for Chrome and IE but *NOT* for Firefox … it used to work in the past but you broke it sometime in the last few months

If I “EDIT” the properties in Confluence and say it is “bmp” instead of the (default) “image/bmp” then it *WORKS* in Firefox so you are not treating “image/bmp” files the same as “bmp” files which makes no sense at all!

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NOTE: If I edit the Properties from "image/bmp" to "bmp" it starts working in Firefox but that BREAKS Chrome and IE/Edge, so that is not the solotion. Firefox needs to fix image/bmp to call up the APP I have tied in windoes to the ".bmp" extension (Windows Photo Viewer or Paint)!

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You can check the MIME database for "image/bmp" in the Windows Registry.

You can check specific file extension keys (e.g. .bmp) in the registry with the registry editor.


You can check a possibly linked MIME type in the MIME Database registry key.

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\
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Already did that and they are all there correctly as far as I can tel...*AGAIN* my bmp files work in Chrome and IE/Edge, this is just a Firefox issue! ... So clearly it is not in the Registry!

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I believe it is trying to "view" it using whatever the built-in viewer in Firefox is and THAT does not like my file which is a VALID 16-bit 565 color BMP file that every other Browser (and Paint and Microsoft Photo Viewer and ...) has no problem with because it is a valid file.

If you give me an Email address I can send one of my files to, or make some page that I can post one of my files on, you will easily see that!

I would attach it here but your "Add images" below will not accept BMP files either (seems to be a trend with Firefox)!

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Can't reproduce this issue on Atlassian Confluence.

STR: 1. Downloaded the YEL.BMP file from 2. Added it as attachment to Confluence. 3. It opens it in Firefox with "image/bmp" content-type. After changing it to "bmp" there is a download dialog.

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OK...*YOUR* BMP files work, mine do not...****PLEASE**** give me a place (or an Email I can respond to) and I can send you one of MINE and you will see the problem I'm sure!

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P.S. I went to "SAMPLES" and tried to Drag and Drop my file than and I get the same old "cannot be displayed because it contains errors"....please Please PLEASE let me send you one of my totally valid files and you will see (and hopefully fix) your problem!

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OK I posted one on our Dropbox:

Try to open this with Paint, Microsoft Photo Viewer, Photoshop, Chrome, IE, or Edge and it OPENS (because it is VALID) does NOT open in Firefox (although a while ago it DID work, it was broken).

It may be something with Confluence and/or Firefox (and or on a Webpage to begin with) combined because I just posted the above link in an Email and it OPENED in Firefox when I clicked on the link in my Email!

My Confluence page that has this file (and a bunch of others like it) on it works in Chrome, IE, and Edge but does NOT work in Firefox!

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You're right, it doesn't work.

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I figured that would let you see is VERY interesting that it DOES work form a link in an Email but not when it is on a Webpage to begin with (maybe that will help you figure it out).

Let me know when it is fixed!

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Try to open this file in Paint and save it under a different name. Does it open now?

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Do you mean different extension? I have about 100 files on my confluence page and NONE of them work and all have different names.

Besides YOU can try that (whatever you are trying), but the bottom line is MY FILES SHOULD OPEN AS-IS ... as they do in Chrome, IE, and Edge!

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There are no "ERRORS" in my files, they were all created with Adobe Photoshop and every other Application (and Browser beside Firefox) is OK with them!!!

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The dropbox preview link you posted gives me a JPG file and not a BMP file

Modified by cor-el

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Maybe THAT is your problem... you THINK it is a JPG file but it is REALLY a BMP file, hence you throw an ERROR because it is *NOT* a JPG file and you are trying to display it as such!

It is MOST DEFINITELY a 16-bit 565 RGB BMP file produced by Adobe Photoshop!

I HIGHLY DOUBT Adobe Photoshop is producing the WRONG file (it lets you product JPG files also) but yet all OTHER Applications and Browsers display (or let you edit) it correctly!

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As stated a FEW times now these files *USED TO WORK* in Firefox ... not sure when you broke it, but someone definately broke it (maybe you changed your "viewer" and the new viewer thinks it is a JPG when it is NOT! Confluence correctly sets the "New Content Type = image\bmp" and not "image\jpg".

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Perhaps this will help you...this file should say it is RGB565 (16-bit) format:

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We should probably file a bug about it.

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