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I found a MAJOR FLAW in FireFox so they Steal all your info you type!

I do not want my "AUTOFILL" being used, yet FIREFOX BUILT IN TO BE AUTOMATICALLY ON!

I also use CC Cleaner and it exposed a MAJOR SECRET BUG IN FIREFOX and you can NOT TURN OFF AUTOFILL!

The "Fake" autofill is reset to always be ON, and if you try to actually Block it, your FF will reboot back to AUTOFILL ON!

You can got to Security and select "Autofill" to be off, but its a FACT, IT STAYS ON! A 2nd security program states the BROWSER PLUG IN is not Off but On! When I manually turn it off with a 2nd program, it automatically closes FF and reboots back on with AUTOFILL ON!?

So Once I turn on FireFox and my autofill in security says OFF, it actually stays on. Looking at programs browser plugin in CCleaner, it reverts and says FF Autofill is ON! When you try to clear it and change it to OFF, you FIREFOX Automatically CLOSES! Then when you restart FF and look again, CCLeaner says its ON.

I was wondering why I'd get the same stuff on pages, and I set my Security Autofill OFF. So you "assume" its off, but if you look close, you'll see stuff you typed yesterday, is still valid. Yet I reset all cookies and run CCLeaner and several other security programs.

So why can't you actually TURN OFF FF "AUTOFILL"? Their is a SECRET that forces FF to keep autofill ON, even when you select it to be OFF!

Does anyone else find this scam on, where your computer catches FF Autofill being on, when you select it to be off?

So all your typing in FF, you may select Autofill "Off", but your computer actually reads that Autofill IN FF as still being "ON".

So is FF only "Pretending" to its users to think your "autofill" data is OFF, but ITS ACTUALLY BEING SENT? If not, why is other security programs picking up on the Autofill typing being sent as "ON", inside the actual FF program? Why would a computer security program reading FF, read the blocked autofill data as being ON, while your FF security controls say its OFF inside the FF Browser?

This opens up your computer to having all your typed data secretly stolen, and if you use your CC or bank info or passwords, they are really be SENT! What a FF scam.... So was this purposely made or what?

I never remember having any "Autofill" Plugin, until the last few months. So is this a new addon, that they use to backdoor into FF and steal all your personal data?

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Sounds that you either have a user.js file that sets the pref or there is a problem with prefs.js or you have other software that modifies setting.

Is this the only pref you do not keep?

You can check for problems with preferences.

  • delete possible user.js and numbered prefs-##.js files and rename/remove the prefs.js file to reset all prefs to the default value including prefs set via user.js and prefs that are no longer supported in current Firefox releases

You can use the button on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page to go to the current Firefox profile folder or use the about:profiles page.

There is software like Advanced SystemCare with its Surfing Protection feature that can protect files in the Firefox profile folder against changes. If you have such software then check the settings or uninstall this software.

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Hello, do you mean the ancient form autofill feature or the newer address autofill feature? There are separate controls for each one. Perhaps you missed one.

Also, I'm not aware of any of your form history or addresses being sent outside of your computer.

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Maybe your other software is detecting search autocomplete queries? You can disable search engine suggestions, too. See:

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WARNING PEOPLE! FIREFOX BROWSER PLUG Extensions JUST GOT EXPLODED andyou have the top 6 Websites Enable Tracking in your Browser Plugin Extensions!


It seems FireFOX QUANTUM 68.0 FORCES Not Only AUTOFILL, but Other High Tech Company Trackers! I found these!

Amazon Bing Ebay Google Twitter Wikipedia

They are automatically "Enabled" and you can do nothing about it in your Security tabs, like you can disable "Autofill". They are hidden, but they are ENABLED!

WOW! So Firefox JUST ADDED AUTOMATIC TRACKING OF THESE websites, UNLESS YOU Block them! Using FF for 10+ years, this ALL just started and never ever seen these pop up as being added.

What I did was uninstall FF completely, rebooted and reinstalled to fix this issue. But once I updated the Browser to Quantum 68.0 all these Browser Plugin's AUTOMATICALLY were ENABLED! Why?

Since when did FF start enabling these top elite websites via Browser Plugins Extension that Automatically enable your tracking?

When I ran CCleaner, and looked in the FF browser Plugins, all these MAGICALLY APPEARED, and EVER NEVER EVER there before!?

I went thru and DISABLED them all, using the "Disabled" but again, when I get to "Autofill" extention and try to "Disable" it, it shut OFF FireFox and restarts again WITH AUTOFILL enabled!

What is going on? You are now being forced like Chrome, to give these companies FULL ACCESS to your tracking cookies. Funny you can not delete or block them inside FF, but you have to use a secondary security program that checks what FF is pushing out.


Someone please explain, as the above replied are not workable....

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You write like a troll, not a person seeking support. Are you serious?

Search Engine Plugins

The built-in search engine plugins changed from .xml (OpenSearch) files to .xpi (extension) files.

Search engine plugins send text to the search site run your search and to retrieve suggestions as you are typing your query. That is all they do.

You can disable suggestions (I do) in the same way as usual: Search suggestions in Firefox.

If you don't want these search engine plugins to show up on the search bar list, you can hide them using the usual method. See: Add or remove a search engine in Firefox. As always, using Remove for a built-in search engine plugin doesn't physically remove it from the program files, it hides it.

Address Autofill

What steps are you following that cause Firefox to restart? Unchecking the box on the Options page to turn off this feature shouldn't cause that. See: Automatically fill in your address on web forms.

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NO TROLL and don't know where you got that from?

Then why is my CCleaner picking up on these new website FF browser Plugin Extenstion being automatically activated?

Makes no sense and they just started the last days after updating to the newest FF?

Explain why FF would automatically "Enable" twitter, ebay, amazon, etc that is picked up on a program that monitors FF? If you 100% only go by FF, you will not see their code now pushs OUT plugin extenstion, yet FF has no way to Disable them?

But of course, FF would want to HIDE what actually is being "pushed Out" via browser plugin extensions. We all only "Assume" FF is safe and does what it says, but why is another program CCLeaner picking up on the output of FF extension, if they were NOT being push out of FF?

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So if their is no buttons to controlling the Enabling/Disabling of FF browser Plugin Extensions, why are they being picked up.

FF Browser Plugin Extentions I seen are automatically Enabled in CCleaner, yet their is no Disable/Enable buttons in FF to control them? Bing eBay Google Twitter Wikipeadia (en)

And yet, if I disable FF "Form Autofill" in CCleaner, that shows it being automatically Enabled on its output, why is FF always being rebooted? So FF can not actually be ran without "Form Autofill" being Enabled.

And why is CCleaner picking up on output extensions that FF is really sending out, that you have no control over? Wish I could send a photo to show you.

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Seems the actual output of FF, its users are being sold out and not informed their Browser Plugin Extensions are set to Enable, inside FF itself. So to the User you "think" you are safe, but my CCleaner picks up on FF's extension data is actually being sent to these companies.

But I can disable them, but FF seems to only let you "think" your autofill YOU SEE if off, but it is being TRANSMITTED, but you don't see it as the user... Something new is fishy on the New FF...

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Hello truthergirl2017,

These : Bing eBay Google Twitter Wikipeadia (en)

are neither extensions, nor plugins - they're not even add-ons.

Those are (optional) search engines, listed in Options => Search => One-Click Search Engines, where you can remove them. (see jscher2000's post)

Furthermore : I think it might be a good idea for you to have a long talk with CCleaner support .....

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Why do you think something is being "transmitted"?

You are familiar with what search engine plugins do: They contain a search URL to send a search to the corresponding search site when you use them. They contain a second URL to retrieve search suggestions so you can see matches to your text as you type in the address bar or other search bar. You can see these URLs here:

How can CCleaner disable an extension that is part of Firefox? Do you have a link to an explanation of that?

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You's all fail to comprehend... Why then if FF sending them out, and they are being picked up by CCleaner as extension, in the Browser Plugin Addons?

Clearly, you think that you only control all content while FF is running, but their are leakings of those thru FF! Since when do you believe past actions, yet you fail to comprehend that now they somehow are sending out these extensions?

Love how you all just pretend this browser is the same as before, yet you 100% fail to inspect it yourself.

Do this as proof:

Open FF. Open CCleaner. In CCleaner, open Browser Plugins for Firefox.

There you WILL SEE your FF Plugins, Theiryou will see that all automatically "ENABLED YES" and you need to change it to "No".

Once you change "Form Autofill" from Yes to No, your FF will reboot because its needed to run FF.

Then why is CCleaner picking up specifically in FF, those extensions? They were never their before, until the newer versions... You all are only "assuming" you know because it was never their before, AS I THOUGHT, but looking, you'll see the change... Just like Chrome browser now required Google and other extensions that are now Built Into their Browser, but now it looks like FF did the same thing...

If the extensions not real, whey then is a 2nd party security picking them up as being sent?

Clearly, if you try the steps I stated, you'll see it, but you won't. You'll reset to what always happened in the past, and not care to look into the new extensions FF is sending out...

But what do you expect from so called experts, who only believe on what they "think" they know, yet they 100% fail to look at the new change... Perfect way to cover FF now also force adding to extensions to twitter, google, bing, amazon, wikipedia, ebay... Keep it quiet as long as you can, so they don't see the tracking they are doing..

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-Irrelivant. Explain why now all these browser plugins are being detected from FF? How did they get their, as they were never their before. Did they fall from the sky, as you say, yet FF is the source pushing them out to be picked up as yes Enabled inside FF....

- Explain why they are being picked up as leaking to my computer? Shouldn't FF be self contained, yet their extension plugin browsers are get read by CCleaner? If no data is leaking, then CCleaner would not pick it up correct?

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You keep mentioning "plugins" - in Firefox (regular release version) there are only three plugins, which you can see when you type in the address bar about:addons (press Enter) => Plugins ....

If you don't believe anything people here are telling you (or even read what they're posting) : why bother to start a thread here at all ?

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Hi, I don't use CCleaner.

It is normal to have .xpi search engine plugins in Firefox 68. You manage them the way you used to manage the old style .xml search engine plugins. Yes, they are packaged in different files than they used to be, but they do the same thing, they list URLs Firefox uses when you send searches to those sites.

My question is, why do you use the word "leaking" -- what is leaking to where? Can you attach a screenshot of the problem?