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All websites show 100's or 1000's of errors

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Since I moved to a new Mac running on OS Sierra (v 10.12.4) every web page I visit has a little red error warning in the bottom right hand corner of the window claiming swiftly multiply numbers of errors running into the thousands. It's not causing me any problems but is a bit annoying as it can't be accurate. Every time I refresh the page the number multiplies itself.

Seems to be predominantly on the top tab. If I open new web pages in separate tabs it seems to be OK.

As an experiment I just tried moving the Facebook page (shown in the screenshot if it uploads) with 38640 errors into another tab, the number of errors went down to 4. I created a new tab and went to a web page. That was OK and no errors. Went back to the facebook page and the number had gone up to 119.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

Chosen solution

What exactly is this figure and feature ?

If it is a result of the developer toolbar running just turn that off and ignore it, unless you are having other issues you need to investigate.

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Screenshot ...

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Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache.

  • Clear the Cache and
  • Remove Cookies

Warning ! ! This will log you out of sites you're logged in to. You may also lose any settings for that website.

Type about:preferences<enter> in the address bar.

  • Cookies; Select Privacy. Under History, select

Firefox will Use Custom Settings. Press the button on the right side called Show Cookies. Use the search bar to look for the site. Note; There may be more than one entry. Remove All of them.

  • Cache; Select Advanced > Network. Across from

Cached Web Content, Press Clear Now.

If there is still a problem, Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh). While you are in safe mode;

Type about:preferences#advanced<enter> in the address bar.

Under Advanced, Select General. Look for and turn off Use Hardware Acceleration.

Then restart. Poke around safe websites. Are there any problems?

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Did you open the Web Console to see what kind of error(s) that are?

It could be that there are only a few actual errors, but theses errors occur a lot of times.

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Hi I think it's an anomaly, I'm getting errors even on a new tab with no web page, see attached. I will try the suggestions made by FredMcD later today and see if that clears it. Thank you for all your suggestions.

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Hi I've tried all the suggestions. After clearing all the cookies and the cache it was better. Tried a few sites, they were OK apart from Ebay. Then I logged into Facebook. After that the numbers started to build again but were much lower than before.

I restarted in safe mode and turned off "Use Hardware Acceleration" and restarted. It now is back to how it was with 1000's of errors.

One thing I noticed, if I'm on a url and I change the url, it doesn't seem to restart the error numbering, it increases it from what it was, if that makes sense.

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OK I turned 'hardware acceleration' back on and the numbers are much less again. So that seems to make it worse.

Here's something else I noticed.

Opened Firefox, it showed 1 error on new window. Visited a site, number increased. Visited another url on same tab, number increased.

Opened a 2nd tab and visited same url as on the 1st tab. No error numbers at all. Closed the first tab and visited other urls on this tab, now the only tab open. Everything was fine, no errors.

Repeated the above with same results.

Opened a new window and came to this forum url, now have 6 errors showing.

Have also just opened another new window, and this is even more interesting. The number of errors on this forum window increased from 6 to 7 at the same moment I opened the new window. The new window shows 1 error!

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You've turned on the Developer Toolbar (Shift + F2).

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To add to that, if I close the new window and open a new one repeatedly, keeping this forum page open, every time I open a new window adds '1' to the total on the forum window and also to the new window.

So now I'm at 15 on the forum window and 9 on a new window after opening (I think) 9 windows.

Close the new window, open another and I'm at 16 and 10.

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Oops after posting the above the number here has jumped to 122.

New window takes it to 123 and the new window (no web page, just blank window) has 13.

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Posted the last comment, number went to 229 on forum window and the new blank window which was still open at the time has gone to 119.

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Chosen Solution

What exactly is this figure and feature ?

If it is a result of the developer toolbar running just turn that off and ignore it, unless you are having other issues you need to investigate.

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Seeing errors on the Web Developer toolbar is not abnormal and you can normally ignore them unless you want to debug a page. I usually see at least one error on these forum page. I notice that you don't have JavaScript errors enabled, so what you see might be about JS errors. The Web Console is tab depended, so if you open another page in the same tab or reload a page or content is loaded via XHR then the numbers accumulate.