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Bottom right corner resize controls trump vertical scroll button if set to appear in the bottom corner-2

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I asked this question sometime back, but today I have had to fire up a Windows XP computer because my Windows 7 machine died. It had Internet Explorer installed. I used that to get an AV program running, that gave me Google Chrome.

I used Chrome to install Firefox 43, then my AV updated Firefox to 46.0.1.

My previous question contained a now-nonexistent add-on that fixed my issue. I also have screenshots:

I have again this northwest-southeast arrow cursor occupying the bottom right corner of Firefox, and this resize control trumps the bottom right down-arrow on the scroll bar if the scroll bar goes all the way to the bottom. So far my experience is limited to Gmail.

Interesting thing about that add-on, I could install it ponce and then discard it fo the life of my Firefox installation. So it must have set something in about:config.

Only add-on I have put in so far is Adblock Plus, something that I find quite necessary to avoid an onslaught of advertising.

I don't know how many versions ago I was using when I first posted my question. What may I ask is the fix?

I was looking at the lower right corner of this forum window. The resize control seeks to resize the website, not the browser window. In other words, with both horizontal and vertical scrolls, the resize will seek to resize the right and bottom dimensions of the forum page if I position my mouse right on the corner of the page. The control normally is found only on the outside corner of the software window.

Thank you.

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Here is an update:: I have discovered that when I have a horizontal and vertical scroll in Windows XP, the bottom right corner contains the right corner resize control. I opened Notepad and created enough content to overflow both the width and length of the window, with word-wrap off. Here it is no issue because the scroll bars stay where they belong. That is the behavior I see on this page, I have scroll bars both directions and a bottom corner box contains the corner

Now if I turn word-wrap on in Notepad, the bottom scroll bar is gone, the vertical scroll goes all the way to the bottom of the window, the corner resize works just on the software window frame. I have access to the bottom end of the scroll bar.

Go to Here I have a vertical scroll bar only, it sits above the bottom of the window. The bottom corner is owned by the resize arrow. Because the bottom of the scroll bar is above this corner, I have access to scroll controls. has since changed its layout, it is like USA-co. My Gmail inbox however is still a pain in the rear with its positioning the vertical scroll in the bottom corner.

I tried changing layout.testing.overlay-scrollbars.always-visible to True, but that doesn't work with Gmail. I thought if both scrollbars are always present the damn resize control will have its square box it the bottom right to call home.

There was a fix that worked in my original, now archived, posting, but the extension that fixed the issue is no longer around. It caused the corner resize to apply only to the frame of the Firefox window.

Can I get some help please?