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e-mail only downloads messages at start up- not when click on get messages or auto download new messages every 2- minutes. CAUSE:

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If I send an e-mail to myself it will not show up, until I restart Thunderbird, I click on Get messages no new e-mails, but restart thunderbird and have them download- using version 45

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Didn't help with mine and I don't use Charter security suite. I uninstalled Avast and installed Avg, no change. As a note awhile back I had a big problem with TB putting my mail back in the inbox after sending the trash, yesterday it did that again 3 times.

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I started my system in Safe Mode and it did not fix this issue, so it's not an added software problem.

I give up, guys. I surrender. Maybe some day Mozilla can find a fix. Until then, I'm resigning myself to reloading Thunderbird any time I want to check for mail. (Now...if I could just figure out why I suddenly have so many informational errors in TB regarding uninstalled fonts.......)

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Matt said

--snip-- I am guessing that there is something else in common here. Charter security suit. A product of F-secure, for those that do not know. Is it configured to scan emails? it does not support SSL/TLS so turn that feature OFF.

I have tried turning off the SSL/TLS. When I did, Charter refused to connect when I tried to "get messages". It just timed out continually. (I tried several times at several different times of day, so it wasn't a fluke.) Neither did it download messages of its own volition. Again, I had to restart TB to get my test messages. So THAT'S not a solution for me.

I learned today that my brother is having the same problem. He, too, is on Another of my friends (our group's "resident geek") had the same issue, but his resolved when he downloaded an earlier version of TB. This did not work for me. (I used the same version from the same source as he.)

I've tried all the solutions listed here and in other threads addressing the same error message, and none of them have helped; Safe Mode Win 10, Safe Mode TB, Safe Mode in both, Windows Defender turned off, SSL/TLS turned off, TB uninstalled/reinstalled, all Anti-virus programs uninstalled, always cold-booting the computer in between changes. Probably several other attempts I have now forgotten. Nothing has made one bit of difference.

Again, I suspect this is going to require a TB update. I'm just living with it for now.

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Another frustrated Charter/Thunderbird user. I have 2 different Charter accounts set up and all worked well until recently. Then it started downloading one but not the other (it was always the same one.) Now I can't get either without restarting.

Yesterday i was away for awhile and when I came home both accounts had downloaded. That was random. The PC sits overnight and doesn't download. I have a domain through GoDaddy and that runs fine but its a POP server

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Thunderbird still not getting mails unless closing and restarting. I came across an email program, "Fossamail" that looks like an outdated Thunderbird twin??? Point is it works fine.

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Actually, for about the past month I've been getting auto-delivered email through Charter without having to request it or close down the page. (Actually, I don't think the "Get Messages" button works yet; they appear to come on a "streaming" basis, as emails come in to the server.) Unfortunately, it's not consistent. However, it does suggest to me that something has changed. And Charter seems to be delivering my emails as it used to, more and more often. Fingers crossed!

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