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Upgrade to 45.0 failed - after trying to delete search history - now restored

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yosemite latest.

I upgraded to 45.0 from 41 and firefox opened. The i did 1 think and it would not open again.

The 1 thing was : I went and looked at my search history and clicked the last month and clicked delete. Fx hung. So i rebooted and then Fx would not open. I rebooted again(I could not remember the keystrokes for safemode) and 3rd time I rebooted I got a popup that said it was having problems on startup refresh / safe mode. I tried both options. Neither worked.. crashed again.

So now I have I restored from backup (the backup was showing v41 in FEBE naming). I restored manually by unzipped the FEBE backup, and setting the profile name as it was before. Then thankfully Fx was intelligent enough to know i had reverted back to v41 and rechecked the addons for compatibility. Nice!

So now, back to original problem. Storage of search history - I suspect a corruption in this area.

Assuming (please correct me if I am wrong), where Fx saves my search history is in the sqlite database, places.sqlite.

Question 1 - In my profile directory i have 2 places.sqlite database. Is it correct I have both of these places.sqlite.corrupt (date of file is 24/4/15) places.sqlite (date of file is 24/4/15) fyi - last profile i created was when i did a clean install of yosemite. so new fx and then loaded elements from prior profile.

Question 2 - I really dont need my search history. I would like to start from a brand new sqlite for this aspect of Fx. Is that possible? how do I do that?

What is critical to me, is my bookmarks, and remember the sizing of the sites i have visited e.g. zoom size. I backed up my bookmarks before I attempted to upgrade. no diea where the zoom size of pages is stored.

Thankyou for your help in advance.

Chosen solution

Before I do as requested, rename places.sqlite and have Fx automatically recrecreating the places.sqlite, I do need to understand about the other things I loose.

places.sqlite is only history and bookmarks If you do remove it or rename it at the same time remove or rename any places.sqlite-shm places.sqlite-wal & places.sqlite.corrupt

The bookmarks include tags, did include keywords. If you save the original file or rename it you don't really loose anything anyway. I would not try hacking the database, it may be about 13 tables from what I remember, and have no idea whether it includes any cross validation or check sums.

If you rename, delete or move any of the files that must be while Firefox is closed.

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You can reload favicons with the FavIcon Reloader extension.

You can find "Reload Favorites Icons" in the Bookmarks menu.

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Thanks corel that is the addon i tried before and found unhelpful e.g. consumed all this resource, took ages, and filled in about only 200 of the icons.

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Sorry that obviously did not go too well.

The core issue here is apparently setting Firefox to clear history when it closes. Firefox messes up the closedown process corrupting the places files. It then probably has further problems trying to start after the close down issues.

A tip whilst you are clearing these issues up. Leave Firefox at least 10 minutes to closedown, before you shutdown the computer, allow even longer if there is disk activity associated with Firefox. If Firefox is in a protracted hang it should try to generate a crash report. That may give us information about what is happening, and may help developers.

You could also ensure you have telemetry turned on. That will not in any way help you directly, but the data helps developers spot such issues.

There is also the related Health Report (FHR) but that's never really been fully developed

FHR does at least give you some information to look at even if you choose not to share that information with Mozilla.

Bookmark icons the favicon should come back as soon as you visit a site again. There is as you are aware an addon that should help with that.

You also have the option of putting back the original places file. With the original if you then and clear History manually and set Firefox not to clear it automatically the places.sqlite may repair itself, or repair with places maintenance after a couple of closedown cycles. It is the automatic clearing on closedown that is probably triggering the mess up of the database.

For now until these issues are sorted out it is probably best to clear History and cookies & History manually before closing down Firefox.

That may well sort out issues with the large places files, and the closedown/startup issues may well then also go away. With luck depending on exactly what problem you run in to Firefox 45 may be much better than earlier versions as some of the bugs seem to have been resolved. Another alternative to consider is using Private Browsing.

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Many thanks john99 for your thoughtful reply

1) The great news is performance of fx is noticeably improved. I can do my work without the anx again. I have the activity monitor (10.10 yosemite) up so when I see Fx geetting above 1GB, I try and close it down. Then boot it back up after I come from a drink hot water. Booting up and Booting down in Fx is no longer painful. Yah! So taking less than a minute rather than 3-10minutes i would often had to wait.

2) I kept as is rather than restore, as once the pain felt, I feel its better to move forward. It will likely take 6 months to restore all my icons, so speed is just a bit slower. But workable.

3) I did as you ask, set the preferences to save history (browse and dl). (so all clear history automatically is OFF) .I have not yet tested manual delete. I need a few weeks breather just in case bad happens again.

The other changes to a new places.sqlite, I implemented (so may contribute) to the performance 1) Turned off fx to boot on on my mac book startup. So now I manually boot it up and boot it down. As you ask to ensure HD has had time it needs. 2) Migrated to CTR addon-bar from The Addon Bar (Restored) :: Add-ons for Firefox ... ar/?src=ss 3) Migrated from adblock plus to uBlock Origin addon (amazing difference noticed on performance when using uBlock Origin as many of my websites show heaps of book covers ) 4) Turned off activated shockwave flash and forced it to ask. Sadly my main ebook catalog uses shockwave so still need it.

I had had to restore once since my prior reply as fx would not open. I installed TabMixPlus addon, nasty thing, again caused fx not to open. I installed it. rebooted no problem. Then when to check the preference setting that had remained but sadly the feature no longer working since v45 (double click on tab bar to create new tab). Then toggled this preference. Then booted down and fx.. would not come back up. (note: the history settings were already corrected). So I restored from backup. I did this twice to replicate the issues. Developer sadly was not so helpful.

So as a final note, I did trial this addon TMP a while back and had to uninstall due to performance hit. made fx so sluggish. and even though I uninstalled, since then I have never felt I had my nice fx back. So there is some conflict it appears.

I am very pleased I finally have a workable Fx after so many months of slowness. Thankyou for your help, and more so for the tone, simplicity and thoroughness of how you explained what needed to be done. It made it possible for me to understand.


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You are welcome.

Sounds better than I thought from your original reply. Glad to have helped and that things are improving.

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Hi: Some of the favicons have not come back, after I have clicked on the icon on my Bookmark Toolbar. I have gone to the website. Is there a way to force it? other than deleting the icon off the Bookmark Toolbar and then putting it back by dragging and dropping from the tab?


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The favicons should come back once you visit the website concerned. There is an addon that should help with this

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The second addon posted, brilliant. Thankyou john99 this one You may also be interested in Bookmarks Favicon Images 1.0.5

The other one - bad experience has been had.

Modified by jendrew

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Good, and thanks for the feeback on the addons.

Yes I did notice recent mixed reviews on the Favicon Reloader, although that has been more popular than Favicon Images.

Many Addons are just made by someone as a part time project, and are not supported for ever.

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Hi john99,

I do not know if this feedback helps, Please lmk if it does not and I will not send any more.

Since my last reply, what i have learnt by testing each day, tweaks, is the following

  • The performance of Fx45 is considerably different, for when I bootup Fx manually (like 10min after yosemite osx has bootedup), versus if I have Fx to automatically load on bootup (either as a startup item, or on a restart with the osx option, open windows backopen checked). Major difference. What I observe it is not ram being consumed. It is more than 1.2gb available in all 3 scenarios. So it is like something is consuming osx and fx gets to be at bottom of rank so it struggles. It is like 3hrs or so before Fx comes good if boot up this way. In this time there is no funny messages in my console. there is the usual ones. always vpn ones. osx yosemite and vpn not play nice. I have to use citrix anyconnect all the time. And always countless messages in osx console for google update. not sure why.. but countless...

so would be great to be able to see what fx is doing.. as its not being logged in osx console that i can see. maybe it is some where else. please lmk if i should be looking somewhere else.

  • significant difference in boot up time e.g. 1min to 15min (even if boot manual) depending on which tabs I have pinned, and so start up with. I use session manager addon and have the setting start up with last browser. For first week I had it set on 3 tabs I always used. So i started testing speed based on tabs. Now I know the culprit, I have returned session manager to may preferred option, start up with last browser.

The culprit is Goodreads. But i have some greasemonkey scripts on GR. So I think it must be these scripts.

The interesting thing. Is if I allow Fx to bootup (e.g. 1min max), THEN I open the GR tab (with the GR monkey scirpts activated), it opens immediately.

but, if I have the GR tab to open on startup, causes fx, at least 15min, maybe 20min... to work out what it has to do... something funny there.

I hope this helps.

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