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Firefox very slow loading pages, crashes on exit.

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Locking duplicate thread.
Please continue here: [/questions/1108273]

Another computer (this one running Vista) that is extremely slow opening pages locks up and generates crashes on exits.

Crash reports: bp-e0bfc66a-7f35-4c1b-9e7e-1a22a2160208 08/02/2016 2:21 PM 68c9d48a-df83-441e-8adb-33268931e9f9 05/02/2016 3:07 PM bp-8d6694ab-d3fb-4834-be1f-430d92160205 05/02/2016 3:06 PM

Application Basics

Name: Firefox Version: 44.0 Build ID: 20160123151951 Update Channel: release User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:44.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/44.0 Multiprocess Windows: 0/1 (default: false) Safe Mode: false

Crash Reports for the Last 3 Days

Report ID: bp-e0bfc66a-7f35-4c1b-9e7e-1a22a2160208 Submitted: 2 hours ago

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Adapter Description: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family Adapter Drivers: igdumdx32 Adapter RAM: Unknown Asynchronous Pan/Zoom: none Device ID: 0x29c2 Direct2D Enabled: Blocked for your graphics driver version. DirectWrite Enabled: false (7.0.6002.23845) Driver Date: 2-26-2009 Driver Version: GPU #2 Active: false GPU Accelerated Windows: 0/1 Basic (OMTC) Subsys ID: 020d1028 Supports Hardware H264 Decoding: No; Hardware video decoding disabled or blacklisted Vendor ID: 0x8086 windowLayerManagerRemote: true AzureCanvasBackend: skia AzureContentBackend: cairo AzureFallbackCanvasBackend: cairo AzureSkiaAccelerated: 0 (#0) Assert: D3D11 device creation failed: 0x887a0004

Important Modified Preferences

browser.cache.disk.capacity: 358400 browser.cache.disk.filesystem_reported: 1 browser.cache.disk.smart_size.first_run: false browser.cache.frecency_experiment: 4 true browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion: 7 browser.sessionstore.upgradeBackup.latestBuildID: 20160123151951 browser.startup.homepage_override.buildID: 20160123151951 browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone: 44.0 dom.apps.reset-permissions: true dom.mozApps.used: true extensions.lastAppVersion: 44.0 gfx.blacklist.direct2d: 3 gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.appVersion: 44.0 gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.deviceID: 0x29c2 gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.driverVersion: gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.feature-d2d: false gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.feature-d3d11: true gfx.crash-guard.status.d3d11layers: 2 media.gmp-eme-adobe.abi: x86-msvc-x86 media.gmp-eme-adobe.lastUpdate: 1454961799 media.gmp-eme-adobe.version: 15 media.gmp-gmpopenh264.abi: x86-msvc-x86 media.gmp-gmpopenh264.lastUpdate: 1454961800 media.gmp-gmpopenh264.version: 1.5.3 media.gmp-manager.buildID: 20160123151951 media.gmp-manager.lastCheck: 1454961789 media.hardware-video-decoding.failed: false network.cookie.prefsMigrated: true network.predictor.cleaned-up: true places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages: 53385 plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types: application/pdf plugin.importedState: true privacy.sanitize.migrateClearSavedPwdsOnExit: true privacy.sanitize.migrateFx3Prefs: true

Important Locked Preferences


Incremental GC: true


Activated: false Prevent Accessibility: 0

Library Versions

NSPR Expected minimum version: 4.11 Version in use: 4.11

NSS Expected minimum version: 3.21 Basic ECC Version in use: 3.21 Basic ECC

NSSSMIME Expected minimum version: 3.21 Basic ECC Version in use: 3.21 Basic ECC

NSSSSL Expected minimum version: 3.21 Basic ECC Version in use: 3.21 Basic ECC

NSSUTIL Expected minimum version: 3.21 Version in use: 3.21

Experimental Features

Modified by cor-el

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It looks like disabling DNS and DHCP client services helps. Hopefully that's a clue.