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"" does not appear or does not work.

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I have an extreme disdain for the One-Click Search buttons and it's really backwards to me. For some reason, in about:config, "" will not appear. However, just before I refreshed Firefox completely, it was there, but changing it to false did not do anything. I have not fidgeted with anything else in about config. All I have installed is Adblock Plus and Chatzilla.

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Hi powerdump, you said that you already know how to customize the search panel to remove unwanted icons, so I don't think there's any further support question. Support volunteers do not develop Firefox, so I suggest directing your comments to the links I provided you before.

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The new search bar debuted a year ago in Firefox 34, and since then, Mozilla had a lot of feedback and tweaked how the bar works. So now (in Firefox 43) it's final.

If you want to change the bar, here are two options:

Reverting to the Old Bar

The code for the Firefox 33 search bar is no longer present in Firefox, but can be found among the many time traveling options in the Classic Theme Restorer extension:

Please have a little patience with the settings for CTR because various interface elements may default to the Firefox 4-28 appearance and it takes some time to tweak everything just the way you want.

Making the new bar more usable

It is possible to restyle the Firefox 34+ search bar into a vertical list using a custom style rule. I suggest installing the Stylish extension to make it easier to preview/test/edit custom style rules:

My user style is posted here at the following URL:

Example screenshot:

If you try it, let me know if you think it could use any changes. (Except: It isn't possible to put the current default search engine icon at the left end of the bar with a simple style rule.)

Note: if you do not want to install Stylish, you can select the options you want on the above page, then click Show CSS and the code there is ready to paste into a userChrome.css file.

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So this is what moving forward means to Mozilla? Strip all user options for the search inputs, THE most basic, essential element of a browser and have us all install addon upon addon? The search bar is ridiculous now, it's like it was designed for little kids just learning how to use a computer.

I wish Mozilla would just stop trying to be cool or innovative as they fail repeatedly. Every "improvement" is nothing more than an irritant now. Just focus on Privacy and Speed.

This is JUST A BROWSER, MOZILLA. It's supposed to be a simple tool, not a lifestyle, not an operating system, nothing but a means for people to connect to servers and access content.

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Hi powerdump, aside from its appearance, what do you find less functional about the new bar vs. the old bar? Maybe it's fixable, maybe not.

Anyway, this is the support forum so we focus on the Firefox we have today. To request changes, you can give input here:

If you want to get more involved, you can check out the mailing lists:

And please see my earlier reply for workarounds.

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Just stop adding crap. It's as simple as that. I don't want a fly down menu in my search bar showing me search options over and over. For example, if I don't want to use Google then deal with it and quit putting little Google and Yahoo and Wikipedia icons everywhere. Yes, I know you can disable them. You guys are acting like Used Car Salesmen now, shoving and pitching useless features in users faces more and more with every update.

Don't miss my overall point here, that's just ONE example. It's not about just the search bar. It's about the obtuse, short-sighted, and tarlike decisions being made. Mozilla's identity crisis issue involving Firefox.

Look at "Hello", what an absolutely ridiculous addition to a browser. Not aware of Messages, FaceTime, Skype, and countless others already? No, I need ANOTHER one built right into my browser. Firefox is so memory hungy already compared to others, you can't be oblivious to this. I've stayed with Mozilla for over a decade, but you are wearing me out with your Microsoft and Apple useless social, lowest common denominator, on-by-deafult "features".

Look at what you've done to your users choice of a new tab page. You've completely and utterly destroyed it, ruined it, flat out removed it and instead chose to have 18 billion screen captures of our RECENT HISTORY pop up every single time we want to open a new tab because you can't or don't want to fix the security issues with it. So you just remove a vital aspect of your Browser.

I have to install addons to get rid of YOUR idea of what a proper "new tab page" is. And if you guys are so into Privacy, didn't it occur to you that browsing history is not meant to be displayed as pictures in rows and columns across the screen for EVERYONE TO SEE? What Einstein at Mozilla said: "Hey! Why don't we remove the option for a personal choice of new tab page and instead...get ready for this...instead we'll plaster their Recent History all over a white screen that anyone, bosses, criminals, anyone can see!"

Reduce and break functionality to make way for something you think is current and popular, not useful, just "cool". Mozilla looked at Apple's design choices. Okay great, we get it, Mozilla can do what Apple does. Now stop, no one cares. What people care about is how well their browser can get them the access they need to websites WITHOUT sinking their entire system's resources to do so.

Your ONLY Saving Grace right now is "about:config". If it wasn't for that, I'd be long gone and IF it ever does go, I'm gone. It's the only way to undo what you've screwed up and turn you back into what you once were.

Edit: I know you personally didn't do these things, at least I don't think you did. Just referring to the Mozilla team in general.

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Hi powerdump, you said that you already know how to customize the search panel to remove unwanted icons, so I don't think there's any further support question. Support volunteers do not develop Firefox, so I suggest directing your comments to the links I provided you before.

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You're right, I was just bitching, I'll try sending feedback more often instead.

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powerdump, please stop hijacking people's threads with your rants and attacks towards Mozilla and Firefox browser. Thank you.

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^last post hidden on account of attack towards me and telling me I cannot post in thread. Warning was given in PM.