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Maintaining user profiles when upgrading from v24 to newest version 36.X - Enterprise

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Im going to upgrade the Mozilla Firefox for about 500 users ish. The current version is 24.0 and we are upgrading to the newest version 36.0 something.

But the question is, how do I maintain all of the user settings when doing this upgrade? It is not an option to upgrade using the application itself. We have a centralized Config Mgr 2012 R2 solution. And I need to keep all of the user profiles with bookmarks, saved passwords, etc etc as it is today. The current version they are using have a few restrictions made with predefined and locked prefs in forms of automatic update, homepage, disabling the send data to Mozilla and so on, basically all of the standard enterprise configuration when you want to controll how the browser is for the users.

I've read a few articles on where to find spesific files, and what they are containting of information for the profile. But when doing a uninstall of the current version mozilla also removes whatever is stored in %appdata%\mozilla firefox\...profiles..

Is it even possible to "transfer" profiles for Version 24 to the newest version 36.something? Also, this needs automation, its not an option to manually restore each profile from "backup" for about 500 users. All profiles are unique.

Client computers are running Win 7 - 64bit OS.

Best Regards

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To answer your question, when you update from 24 to 37 (the actual latest version) your profiles will migrate automatically, there should be no action needed on your part. We try to minimize profile breaking changes, so between versions 24 and 37 there is no need to do any special migration (that is only really a need when going from Firefox 3.6 or older to the latest version).

HOWEVER, since you are an enterprise and it looks like you only do upgrades every so often, I'd suggest you look into Firefox for Enterprises.

This version only updates major versions once a year (so from Firefox 10 to 17, from 17 to 24, from 24 to 31, from 31 to 38) but it comes out with regular security updates every 6 weeks. This way you don't have to continually re-certify Firefox major versions every 6 weeks, and can simply let automatic updates push out security updates to your users every 6 weeks (With your current model your users are vulnerable to all security holes found until you push the next major update). Then, next year, you have a 12 week overlap between versions to test and make sure nothing breaks before you push to the next major version.

There is also a mailing list for you to get help and advice with specific Enterprise issues.

If you decide to go this route (which I would strongly advise) then I'd suggest you wait for a couple of weeks until Firefox 38 comes out, the next ESR version. Then you can certify and not have to worry about deployments until 45 next year!

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@Tyler Downer

Well, as I stated. Doing the upgrade using the application itself is out of the question. When I say "upgrade" it really looks like this:

When I make a new deployment for Mozilla Firefox in config mgr and supersede the older one it goes like this:

the cm client uses the Uninstall parameter specifed in the deployment, uninstalls the current mozilla firefox, then the new deployment sends its install command. So basically theres a uninstall (wipe it clean) and then a new seperate install of the new version. I have tried this, and no the profiles are not saved. when uninstalling mozilla firefox it also takes away anything under %appdata%\mozilla firefox. (Like I wrote in my orginial post)

Besides, we are talking about half and half with users running APP-V deployment of Mozilla Firefox, and the rest MSI. So theres a issue at hand here no matter what.

and yes, we are using the 24 ESR version of it.

Any Suggestion?

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The current ESR is based on 31.0 as 31.6.0 esr. The Firefox 36.0 was the previous major Release. The old 24.0 ESR has not been supported with security/stability updates ever since 24.8.1esr back in Sept 2014.

Next ESR will be based on Firefox 38.0 as said.

Modified by James

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James said

The current ESR is based on 31.0 as 31.6.0 esr. The Firefox 36.0 was the previous major Release. The old 24.0 ESR has not been supported with security/stability updates ever since 24.8.1esr back in Sept 2014. Next ESR will be based on Firefox 38.0 as said.


Well thanks for the information but I already know this. Its a not a question about versions, updates, security. Its about how to "transfer" the current user profiles for my users (about 500+) when im installing a new version. and again, using the application itself for upgrade is out of the question.

When using a normal uninstall of Mozilla Firefox: %APPDATA%\Mozilla Firefox goes with it. Gone

If I have not been clear:

- Current version in the production environment: ESR 24.3.0' - About 50 / 50 users with APP-V and in a "normal" msi local installation - The process will be: Complete uninstall of the current one (24.3) and then a new seperate installation of a new version. - There will be NO user interaction what so ever, completely unattanded. - Alot of prefrenses will be set to lock. Like sending data, make this your standard browers question, automatic updates, Import from other browers wizard, and so on.

So I ask again, any suggestion, ideas on how to achieve this?

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I see. You should be able to switch a flag to not remove user profile data in the uninstall. In fact, I'm not even sure why you need to uninstall, installing Firefox 38 ESR in the same profile folder should just overwrite the files. However, the ESR mailing list is probably the best place to ask.