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Firefox quits after a few on any website. Started on 10/16/2014

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Galaxy S4 Model ISGH-M919 Android 4.2.2 Baseband M919UVUAMDL Kernel 3.4.0-453951 se.infra@SEP-133 #1 Fri Apr 26 16:55.54 KST 2013 Build JDQ39.M919UVUAMDL-iwireless1.2 SELinux status permissive

on 10/16/14 started quitting on any website. no crash notice. App just quits. uninstalled on 10/17/14 and reinstalled with no add-ons from Google Play Store No change - Firefox runs as long as it is not connected to the web. Shows history - bookmark - etc. Soon as it connects on the internet it quits. Connecting via wireless network. I have uninstalled it so I can use the internet

please advise when this is corrected. and I will re-install

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Tried Firefox Beta for Android. It does the same thing. Stay up between 5 and 10 seconds and quits without a crash report. It's as if the Android OS is closing it on purpose.

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Hi kptnfmrs, Thank you for reporting this information. In order to report it to the developers would it be possible to request a crash log if it can be opened, or a logcat debug capture if you are familiar with the android sdk.

In order to open Firefox crashes please open Firefox and paste this into the url: about:crashes

From there you can submit or copy the last 5 crashes with the bp- in front and paste them into a reply.

In order to create a log you will have to connect the device to a computer and follow these instructions: is a great resource to share logging, however please be sure to set the expiration date to over a month for thorough investigation.

Thank you!

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There are no crashes in the about:crashes log.

I am not familiar with Android sdk.

Where do we go from here?

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There are some other methods, you can remove all data from the application from the App Manager. If you open up this from the android settings you can remove all data/cache of the app and force it to stop.

However it may also have to do with connecting to the internet. Does this happen when other apps try to connect to the internet?

Remote debugging can be turned on in the phone by tapping on the build id 7 times under Android settings > About Device. However more detailed steps are in the article about remote debugging.

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Thanks for contributing.

I have no trouble with my e-mail program or the stock Android browser staying connected.

I tried installing the sdk tools

I was able to find adb in the platform-tools directoy

I tried adb devices at the command prompt

What I was a list of allowed functions but it did not produce the <hex string> device response.

This is very frustrating as I feel I'm required to learn how to use all this stuff before you can tell me why firefox doesn't work on my phone.

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I'm having the same problem here!!

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Ok so I tried this finally and got it to work: this might be long but a shortened version:

  1. . Connect the device to the computer via usb.
  2. 2. In android settings go to About device and double tap on build id 7 times
  3. 3. Go back and now see the developer menu
  4. 4. Open and enable remote debugging
  5. 5. Open up Firefox on the android go to settings > devloper tools and check remote debugging
  6. 6. From Desktop go to Tools > Connect
  7. 7. Open Tools > Console
  8. 8. Click on gear and on the far right click on "Remote debugging for this session only"
  9. 9. [adb sdk install required] in a terminal window

adb devices

make sure a device is listed. 
  1. 10. On desktop in the window that openned up when you opened up connect click on connect
  2. 11. Immediately after run this in the terminal:

adb forward tcp:6000 localfilesystem:/data/data/org.mozilla.firefox/firefox-debugger-socket

  1. 12. On the device hit enable on the connection
  2. 13. should be connected on the connect and click on the remote tabs.
  3. 14 the logs will start to show up in the console.
  4. 15. If you need adb log cat logs run in the terminal before you start to test:

adb logcat > text.txt

  1. do you thing, and attach it to a bug.
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I'm getting lost on #6 What "Tools" are you talking about?

I am using a laptop btw. Windows 8.1


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Dude, this is for Android.

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I found sdk\tools but there is no "connect"

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if you're having this same problem with Firefox, why don't you try this procedure and see if you can figure it out.

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This isn't English:

   do you thing, and attach it to a bug.
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Typo on my part. I have been watching to many bad comedies. My apologies. Recreate the issue with the steps you took before and either share the logs or attach it to a bug if there is one that exists. One has not been mentioned here yet, I would be happy to assist.

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Modified by guigs

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May I request that you check to see if this still happens if you install this version of Firefox Nightly? You may need to enable installs from sources other than the play store: