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How do I ZOOM images only?

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The view/zoom / FULL option merely resizes the whole page "frame" and causes the page to become larger than the size of my screen (and there seems to be no scroll, either).

I want to ZOOM only the images

Using add-on NoSquint to automatically set a zoom level for each page.

The view/zoom / FULL option merely resizes the whole page "frame" and causes the page to become larger than the size of my screen (and there seems to be no scroll, either). I want to ZOOM only the images Using add-on NoSquint to automatically set a zoom level for each page.

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You want to zoom them "in place" or pop them up in a larger size?

Actually, there is no built-in feature to zoom images in either of those ways, apart from full page zoom. Perhaps someone has created an extension? You could try searching on the Add-ons site:

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By the way, you should get both vertical and horizontal scroll bars on normal windows where the content doesn't fit. Firefox does allow sites to create pop-up windows that do not have scroll bars. If you want to turn off the ability of sites to remove scroll bars from pop-up windows, there is a hidden setting for that. Here's how you would switch it:

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.

(2) In the search box above the list, type or paste window_o and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click the dom.disable_window_open_feature.scrollbars preference to switch it from false to true.

The names of this and related preferences are a little hard to understand. Normally sites can pop up a window with scrollbars suppressed. Switching this preference to true disables sites from doing that, meaning that Firefox show draw the scroll bars if the content overflows the available space.

Sites still can apply style rules to the page to hide any overflow, but that is less common.

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You can right-click an image and middle-click or hold down the Ctrl key and left-click "View Image" in the right-click context menu to open this image in a new tab. Then you can zoom this image in the usual way.

See also:

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What I want is on sites like Ebay watch list, to have the thumbnails display in a larger size. Or on a blog. Any time the web page image is smaller than I desire, I want to make all the images on that page get larger.

Safari does this-- I can toggle the zoom function between zoom "text only" or not (everything). Usually I want text only so I can read the damn miniscule font size most sites choose (esp if they are using the Microshit HTML app that "cascades" outline levels with each level getting tinier)

The forcing popups to have scrollbars sounds useful, I just did it.

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BTW, the Add Ons page itself is a problem for me.

It is styled such that it displays each product in a little window -- but my minimum font size is IIRC 24 pt. So the text overflows the little boxes.

Also Firefox has a bug -- if you choose a larger font size, the HEIGHT of each textual ROW does NOT get larger to accomodate the vertical height of the characters. This is true in Thunderbird as well. My InBox is illegible either because the font is too small, or the large font is truncated top & bottom.

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Firefox lets you choose between zooming text only and full page zoom. However, it's a bit hard to find. You need to use the classic View menu.

View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only

Firefox's minimum font size setting really wasn't intended as a substitute for zoom. Personally, I think it is not so useful above 12px because as you point out, things get distorted.

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Just finished looking over all 250+ hits on "zoom images" in add-ons and nothing.

The full page zoom behavior is not what I want.

Safari can do this, why not FF?

And the row height not changing to accomodate font size is an incredible oversight.

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You can try the Image Zoom add-on to see if that is what you are looking for. A few users reported that it was broken but try it out.

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There is a difference between changing the base font size and changing the MINIMUM font size, which overrides the base font size. As you can see, the base font size is the basis for height computations.

Clearly, the embedded Get Add-ons page does not work with a huge minimum font size. The style rules are designed to truncate text that does not fit on the fixed size "button" but the computation stops working correctly at a certain point. I have attached a screen shot illustrating what you're describing. No idea whether that is fixable within the page design.

If you do not want to use Zoom, but you want to allow pages to choose their own fonts AND to enforce a minimum font size, you probably will need a custom style rule (which can be applied using the Stylish extension or a userContent.css file) or a dedicated extension. I don't think you can cook up that combination using built-in features.

Regarding images, I don't have any other suggestions at the moment.

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Hmm.. the screen shot & your comments seem to indicate that contrary to the description:

(dis) allow web pages to use their own fonts, instead of my selections above

The choice for "minimum font size" actually supercedes that Preference. ie my Minimum Font Size occurs whether or not the page is allowed to set its own fonts?

SO the "minimum font size" SHOULD be located BELOW that preference item.

I really don't care if the page uses its own font STYLE or mine; I just want the minimum POINT SIZE.

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Note that disabling "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above" will cause issues with websites that use a downloadable font to display some icons. This is being used more and more by websites. Github and Yahoo are some common websites that are using the method.

You will see a little box with the hex code or another character if you have a local font that covers this range.

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Give this a try -

Works well for me but maybe a bit too well. It zooms things unexpectedly as you move the cursor around but I do recommend it.

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Feedback? Did my previous post(just above) help?

It zooms on a lot of things but not everything.

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Havn't had time to try it. Learning & setting up Firefox & Thunderbird. Gotta transfer my 25 years of emails from Eudora which requries some sort of cleanup app with complicated steps. My car has a mysterious no-start fault & its in the computer wiring; even the diagnostic codes are not working correctly & I've REPLACED the computer chip. My dishwasher needs fixing if the fix I just did doesn't work. Shall I go on?

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No, thanks. Just write down on a piece of paper -

Hope you have better luck very soon.

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Here we are again; Firefox fucked up. I installed that add on and either before or after I clicked on "restart now" FF froze up. Quit or Force Quit & restarted. Long time loading all the previous Session tabs, and froze up again. So bad that it froze the whole Mac. Not taking keyboard input so I could not invoke the Force Quit menu. Used the Power key. Chose Restart, but nothing happened so I had to hold it down and do a completely forced shutdown -- which does bad things to all the work I have open in other apps.

Really, FF is not doing any better for me than Safari was, with its constant Spin Locking.